Has anyone ever come across a fake IF bag?

  1. Ok...Im just wondering if anyone has ever come across a fake IF bag?

    Isabella Fiore is the only brand of bag that I am risking to buy on eBay as my reasoning is (or am I being naive?) that IF bags like the sydney hugs and kisses tote, or the Oh Suzani Carina are so intricate in their design that you could spot a fake a mile off and so people wouldnt bid big bucks for one?

    I have seen fake Koobas and Chloe Paddingtons etc, but then I guess the designs are easier for these 'fake artists' to copy.

    Anyone ever see or buy a fake IF?
  2. Yes, I have seen IF fakes on eBay... specifically the Summer of Love hobo. It was a while back so I don't remember the telltale signs, but it was pretty obvious if you're familiar with the real deal.

    Another reason IF is a little less likely to get copied is because there is such a wide variety of designs each year. I look through the listings on eBay quite frequently, and there is no way that I could be familiar with each bag on there. For me, it's about detailed pictures, seller feedback, and my gut feeling.

    I definitely agree with you - there are some IF designs that are so intricate that a fake would be easily spotted a mile away (think Dream Weaver). But that doesn't mean fakes aren't out there...