Has Anyone Ever Come Across a Black Silverado Satchel?

  1. Just like the one I have in brown?


    If so, could you please post pics of them for me? Thanks!

    I want another black handbag, and am SO in love with my brown Silverado that I'd like to see how it looks in black.
  2. I have seen the black satchel at Nordstroms, but don't have a photo...sorry! I bought one in python when I was in NY...love this bag!
  3. the personal shopper service at Nordstrom called me yesterday and told me they had one in Towson, MD, but she did a horrible job describing it to me, and i cannot find a pic of it anywhere online... i want to see it before i make the trip. she obviously wasn't a chloe connoisseur - she couldn't answer simple questions regarding how the texture of the leather compares to the brown and tan satchels. finally i just said, "Good grief! IS IT SHINEY OR NOT?!" :evil: lol

    she even thought silverado = silver in color. she couldn't have been the person that took my original request....
  4. Oh my! I recall the black as being medium in color and fairly matte (not super dark black, not shiny). Nordstrom does have a great return policy if you decide against. : )
  5. wow, thanks, lol... i asked her that question too, "is it matte?" and the poor thing was just so confused. i couldn't get a clear answer. i think i'm going to call again.

    i love nordstrom's return policy - excellent customer service!
  6. Good luck! Let us know what you decide.
  7. I was just at the Nordy's in Towson. I can't believe I didn't see it.
  8. i just spoke to my usual personal shopper - it's actually the python silverado in black. i can't believe the other person couldn't tell me that, lol... at any rate, my fiance' suggested that i get another style of chloe. he likes variety, and thinks i shouldn't get another silverado, even though he loves them.