Has anyone ever called the wardrobe dept of a movie/ show?


May 18, 2009
I'm considering doing it for a couple of different items I've seen in a show and a movie, but don't want to seem crazy.
How would you go about it? call the set and ask for costume/ wardrobe of the specific show and then they'd direct you I assume? would they speak to anyone outside the film industry?

if you did, how did it turn out?:-s or :biggrin:?

sometimes we obsess over little things and no matter HOW much we search the world wide web over for these things, sometimes the only sure way to know is to ask.


Nov 14, 2010
I worked on a couple of shoots and I have to say, it's hard even for the crew to get hold of the items. If it's for a commercial, all the clothes would go to the client because they paid for it, and if they don't want it then it goes to crew members or charity. And for a film shoot, everybody tries to grab whatever they can, either as a keepsake or to sell on ebay, and the cast-offs that nobody wants go to a charity shop. Having said that, what these guys consider cast-offs can sometimes be lovely pieces (albeit stained with makeup, which could probably be dry-cleaned). I think there's really no harm in asking, if they won't send you the clothes they may at least tell you which charity shop it will be sent to so you can have first dibs. Hope it helps!


Mar 3, 2008
Some TV shows give this information on their websites, actually. For example the Good Wife regularly lists the brand information for the clothes, and even the furniture/other props at times.

It would be harder on a movie: the person to look for is the costume designer.

What is it you are looking for - what shows?