Has anyone ever called a MJ Boutique?

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  1. Good morning ladies! Just wondering if anyone has ever called a MJ store to do a product search..Any luck? I'm calling the one in NY today to locate a black wallet/silver hardware to go go with my multi pocket..I'm trying to keep optimistic that another boutique has one and they can search their inventory....Hoping someone else has had good luck.....Thanx!!! :heart: Emmy
  2. I called Matthew at the Las Vegas store, and he was able to access everything. He was really nice too. I had questions about hardware that he had no problem answering, and he was good at describing the colors. I hope you find the wallet! :flowers:
  3. :flowers: ^ Thanx!! I'll keep you posted! :heart: Emmy
  4. I've called the store in NY. They are the nicest people. :smile:
  5. I called that one too...You're right..The woman I talked to was so nice....But no luck for what I was looking for!!! :cursing: :heart: Emmy
  6. Chris at the NY store has not only helped we with locating things but also called me for sales. maggie
  7. I called Boston once for a sale item. I think they will help you. I think timing is one thing that helps in that kind of situation. Searches take a while and if you call during a rush, it probably won't help.
  8. I have called the NY store before. Extremely nice to deal with, no problems at all.
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