has anyone ever buoght from luxury scarves?

  1. i am trying to buy something but cant figure out what to answer to the questions about shipping. can anyone help. please!
  2. Hey, aren't you the one who just posted saying "Somebody please stop me???"

    :noggin: :smash: :whistle: :lecture:

    That said....if luxury scarves is the site run by Luxury-Zurich (which I think I've heard it is), then you should be fine. They have a great reputation.
  3. yes i posted this prior to buying the scarf. i didn't know which shipping option to check.
  4. Yes, this is Luzury Zurich's scarf site. They are the all time best for Hermes bags and everything. Just consistently lovely to deal with.

    Did you get your M et M from them? I saw they had one posted earlier this am on their "new scarves" newsletter.
  5. yes that's the one.
  6. Yes, I have , they are great! Shipping is free, but be warned.....no box!
  7. yech! really? :::SNIFFLING:::
  8. I suggest emailing them prior to purchase regarding the box - when I bought 2 items from them, the boxes were included. I think if you purchase one item, they charge a small fee for the box... but with free fedex shipping, it's a wash in my mind... that's my opinion only though :smile:
  9. i have emailed them so many times today i literally cannot email them anymore. what to do what to do.
  10. oops sorry!
  11. i emailed. it would be an extra 20 for the box and overnight shipping. but that's too much i think
  12. AFAIK, their shipping is free. I've bought items from them at their shop and they're fantabulous to deal with. LOVE Pete and Mario :heart:
  13. they are so nice. i kept joking with them back and forth. can't wait to get my scarf!
  14. I bought the scarf in my avatar picture from them, its one of my faves. I had my scarf within 2 days by fedex. I didnt receive a box, but I did manage to beg a few from the SA in the scarf department at Neiman Marcus for the ones I have without boxes.
  15. Hi Everyone,

    I though i would give a quick post to clear up any confusion about when and why we do or dont include a box.

    All of our scarves are sold without a box. When we get them, they are almost never with the boxes. Most of our clients either do not take the boxes from the shop or throw them away as soon as they are at home. We do have a small supply of boxes which we offer in our Zurich shop during the holidays when people buy for gifts. However, we do not have towers of them just collecting dust and taking up our much needed space.

    If someone buying online asks if we can send with a box we charge $20.- extra. This is NOT for the box, it is for the EXTRA cost of shipping. We offer free shipping on all scarves, and they fit nicely in a cardboard envelope. If we send it in a box, the size difference is such that the shipping cost for us increases about $20.