Has anyone ever brought a "defective" bag back to BalNY or BalParis?

  1. ... e.g. a bag with fading, fallen out studs, etc? Any results - is there some kind of warranty or servicing that they would or could offer?
    Thanks girls!
  2. I don't know if I'd say that fading is a defect, it's a natural reaction by leather to elements such as heat and sunlight. With studs that fall out...I think maybe if it falls out within the first few days it would be a defect and they won't charge you for the repair. I once asked about the warranty period and they said that after a year it was at their discretion...
  3. thanks for the info!
  4. i consider studs fallen out defective, but i'm not sure about the leather fading... that seems to be characteristic of the leather
  5. I thought someone posted a while back that BalNY would repair defects for up to two years if it was bought there. I am not sure if fading would be covered though.
  6. Thanks everyone for your info! I just bought a Burgundy city on eBay with a patch of fading on the back, and while it doesn't bother me that much, it didn't look like "natural" fading to me as it was just a patch, and the leather on the faded bit actually FEELS different from the rest of the bag (much softer?) .... Thought it might be worthwhile to step into BALNY or BALPARIS just to see what they say... what do you guys think?
  7. No never...if you buy on eBay, can you get a partial refund from the seller?
  8. if you're in the area, it wouldn't hurt to stop into a bal store and ask about the fading patch. chances are, though, that since you bought the bag on ebay, they won't be able to help you. lovin my bags or artbag (sp?) might be able to repair the spot.
  9. No, it wasn't the seller's fault as she mentioned it (actually to be honest I didn't even READ the listing, it was 2am and it was such a GORGEOUS color) - still is! It's ok, as I said I'm not too fussed about it ... however I will stop by both Bal NY (be there in April) and Bal Paris (be there end Feb/March) and see what they say - can't hurt!

    Has anyone else btw seen just one patch of their bags fade???