Has anyone ever bought from www.highreplica.com

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  1. Hello everybody :smile:


    But first I wanna know, has anyone had experience with this site?

    I mean they look pretty professional, but I don't wanna be ripped off.

    Do they deliver AT ALL??

    And when they deliver, is the quality really as good as adverised??

    Please advise!!!

    Thank you so much xxx :heart:
  2. This isn't allowed here...
  3. People on this forum only buy authentic handbags. Sorry. You won't get any advise about fakes on here.
  4. :sick: Gross.
  5. Also, ugh, groom fakes? I hadn't seen any yet.
  6. Fakes are illegal and disgusting. So you should probably ask about this elsewhere.
  7. did the agenda even come in that tealish color?

    and sorry, fakes aren't appreciated here so this thread is probably goign to go downhill.
  8. hehe don't be like that guys
    "ellenbe" is better if you save a bit more of monye or if u have it already buy the real stuff I can advice you that real things pays its prices :P (exept my last pair of gucci sunglasses that broke and gucci store didn't want to replace, they said it was my falut hehe) but LV is 100% quality the real one
  9. Oooh, they're not FAKES, they're "replicas"! And not just any replicas! "High" replicas! :rolleyes:

    sorry ... heheh
  10. Advice: Drop the fakes! Save and get the Authentic. :noggin:

    Replica or not. The money you put in for the real one will pay off with it's quality.
  11. :wtf:
  12. Negative.

    OH HEY they have a "Multicolore White Wapaty Case"
  13. wtf?! why would u ask us a question like that? sounds like someone is trying to advertise their ugly fakes here..:throwup: :throwup: :throwup: :cursing:
  14. actually, i have seen the counterfeit monogram grooms before! the DAY after the LV launch this past month! They use real pix interspersed with pix of the fakes and send out grooms that have scratched monogram under them instead of the black shadow. also, they are JUSt BArely above sticker level, as far as being "printed" on a bag.


    and oh yeah, fakes support terrorism. chew on that. don't like it? :yes: do a search and look it up. that's some dirty laundry.:sad:


    buy one classic piece if you want the monogram print. just one. save up, and do it. it will last you forever and if you ever resale it, you get almost what you paid for it!:heart:
  15. :throwup:
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