Has anyone ever bought from American Apparel?

  1. I was in NYC this spring break and saw a number of American Apparel stores. They seem to have a lot of nice-looking basic pieces. What do you guys think of it? I usually buy my basics from James Perse or C&C...but AA seems to be a lot cheaper.
  2. i've shopped for basics at american apparel. quality's good. i would suggest shopping there =) especially their shorts and tube socks. their slip on dresses are adorable too!
  3. shop there for sure. they have a ton of really cute items with reasonable prices.
  4. I shop fairly regularly at the American Apparel's in Chicago. I'm a fan of their long-sleeve tees and lightweight turtlenecks (for layering). The quality is good, and the color selection is fantastic! They're a little bit pricey - not so much so as James Perse or Michael Stars, for example - but you pay for what you get!
  5. i love american apparel...my boyfriend has a clothing company and they use alot of AA...i get all of my like basic color shirts there...like whites and blacks and tshirts...and tanks to layer under shirts.....i think their product is great!!!
  6. Love AA & their deep V-neck shirts!
  7. the quality is great. i have a couple of really casual skirts from them and they are so soft!
  8. Thanks for all the comments you guys! Now I'm ready to go to their website and buy a few casual items. I heard they run small though...
  9. Love that store! They have some super cute skirts.
  10. i bought two of the polo dresses....soooo cute and great quality.
  11. i love AA. very cute basic clothing. plus, if you like something, it comes in all the colors every imaginable!
  12. I love it. My boyfriend and me went to AA in Paris on Monday and bought around 20 pieces together, LOL! And I'm definitely going back for more- their cottons are just so soft.
  13. I buy my AA from the seller tuffymcpuggles on eBay! If they don't have it (they most likely buy from AA through wholesale but they don't offer everything) than I buy from AA.

    Quality is hit or miss imo, SO has had things fall apart after one wash and then some things last for years!
  14. I get creeped out my the models on their billboards store signage. They all look like underaged models being photographed by some perv.

    But I like their sweatshirts, they are sooo comfy and their shirts last a long time.
  15. I've bought from there quite a few times. I applaud AA for using the fair wage system, so that's what got me into buying them. My DH really loves their clothes, especially for lounging around. Their service can be slighty off sometimes, but great prices and good garments! I recommend their hoodies and thicker weave t-shirts.