has anyone ever bought a dior bag from saks before?

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  1. do you know if they also give you a dior box with your purchase?
  2. anyone know?
  3. There is a Dior boutique in the Saks here, but I've only looked, never bought. I could buy something, though, and let you know ;) I would think that they would give you a box?
  4. Neither of my Saks carry Dior :sad:
    Neimans didn't give me a Gucci box w/ my $900 Gucci purchse. I asked for one for storing purposes and got a smashed Neimans box!
  5. i've only looked, never bought...sorry :sad:
  6. Hi Fayden,
    I just bought my Gaucho there and they didn't give me a box.
  7. gah! darn it, i really wanted a dior box to go with my bag.... but thanks guys for all your responses!
  8. You have to ask. They don't automatically give it to you. They have in the back room. I usually don't buy anything without a designer box to go with it. I bought from SAKs before, it was a ring though. I got a dior box and dior shopping bag with that purchase. I did see "purse" sized boxes in the back room. Good Luck.
  9. I have one coming so I'll let you know. I will say that the box I received when I ordered from Dior is really something. It weighs like a million pounds!
  10. The only time I ever received a box was at a Chanel store and the Balenciaga store in Manhattan. When I bought a Balenciaga at NM they did not give me a box. I did not get a box for my Mulberry from NM either. I did not get a box from the LV store for my Speedy 30 either.
  11. When I ordered a Gucci bag over the phone Gucci sent it in a box. When I went to the Gucci store to purchase a bag they did not give me a box. I guess they only use/give boxes when they ship???:sad:
  12. hah~~Are they actually stocking boxes....what for?:amuse:
  13. LV will give you a box if you request it. my SA gave me a box for my agenda. i mentioned that i was in college and when she brought my stuff out from the back it had a box with a string tied around it because she said that most college girls wanted the box and all, lol.
  14. Yes, bot a Dior bag at Saks - no box, didn't think to ask - just takes up room in already stuffed closet.
  15. They should give us a box no matter what....these purses cost too much already ,so they shouldn't think we will store them in PLASTIC BAGS with aluminum foil...arghhh :suspiciou