Has anyone ever bought a cartier or rolex new online?

  1. I am in the market for a new watch and I have found some great prices on new rolex and cartier online but I am not sure I am trusting enought to buy something so high end sight unseen. Has anyone bought online and had good luck? If so would you mind sharing a website you liked? tia
  2. No, I Have Not (I Have Family In The Jewerly Business ~ It Doesn't Make Sense For Me).

    If Anyone Would Know...Japster!!! I Believe She Sells Rolex (Possibly Cartier As Well). She Definitely Knows Her Business. Definitely Talk To Her!!! :smile:
  3. Yep-talk to one of our own jewelry experts-Japster. She has great jewelry and I know she sells Rolex.
  4. hi! i think a gal who posts on pricescope purchased a cartier tank from Amazon. she had it authenticated at cartier. she told them it was a gift. you might want to check that out. i hope my memory is serving me right. good luck. queen
  5. Hubby bought my Cartier Tank online - don't know where though. It came in the box and warranty paper and everything. I took it into a Cartier store to have a link or to taken out, talked to a sales lady and she looked at it and took it to the back. She talked to me about changing the battery and the usual maintenance stuff, and nothing else so I am pretty sure mine is authentic.

    Ashford.com used to carry quite a few Cartier styles, they still do just not as many. I've bought a couple of Gucci, Technomarine watches from them and they are legit. Overstock.com carries high end watches too including Cartier. I just boght my Tag Heur Alter Ego from them.

    Good luck.
  6. Oops, double post...
  7. Reviving this thread b/c I have a similar question, though mainly about buying a Rolex from eBay. I'm not quite in the market for a Rolex yet, but just doing some research and had some questions.

    On a few eBay auctions I've read about the dials being "refurbished" or "refinished". Here's an example: eBay: ROLEX LADIES DATEJUST PINK MOTHER OF PEARL DIAMONDS (item 320079099089 end time Feb-13-07 23:52:30 PST)

    And here's an example of one that had diamonds added to the face "aftermarket": eBay: Lady Rolex Silver Estate Watch Diamond Dial MOP18K GOLD (item 250081310521 end time Feb-14-07 19:06:58 PST)

    I am wondering if "refurbishing/refinishing/adding after market diamonds" is kosher, KWIM? Is this the usual way "extras" are added to Rolexes, or does Rolex also do this? Thanks in advance...
  8. Just a FYI, Rolex is proprietary with their parts (due to so many counterfeit parts out there) so when people purchase a new dial they need to trade/send in their old dial before Rolex will sell them the new dial. Adding after market parts that Rolex has not authorized will null and void their warranty and any authorized Rolex repair shop or Rolex themselves WILL NOT WORK ON or repair your watch for you. Just be extra careful of buying a used Rolex online or at a BM store for this reason.
  9. JOMASHOP.com ; Cartier, TAG Heuer, Omega Watch, omega watches, movado, movado watch, movado watches, cartier watches, cartier watch, swarovski crystal, coach bag, timex watches, mont blanc pen, tag heuer watches, discount watches and Watches, TAG Heuer Watches, Movado Watches, Invicta Watches, and TechnoMarine Watches at WorldofWatches.com Authentic watches. I ordered my Cartier from jomashop and took it to Cartier for authentication. Everything checked out and i LOVE my watch!!! :love: My other watch is an Ebel (beluga series) from world of watches and that one was authenticated as well. :yes:
  10. ^ Their graphics look just like ashford.com... maybe they are the same company? And.... they don't seem to carry Cartier or Rolexes anymore.
  11. I just personally think when you are spending that much on a watch I would rather just buy it from a reputable jewellers. Also most jewellers, (not normally those that are part of a chain though) will offer a discount. When I was bought my Omega we paid cash and got the watch for £1500 instead of £1975
  12. I have a cartier santos on order from alanfurman&co jewelers - not an authorized dealer, but I have read excellent reviews about them - anyone here ever ordered from them? Thx
  13. This is a VERY VERY important point and one many people do not realize. If you are okay with aftermarket parts, than it's not a big deal but if you want your Rolex fixed by Rolex....make sure all parts are original/factory.