Has anyone ever bought a bag from an out of town SA?

  1. I've never ordered anything expensive via internet or from out of town. I'm a little worried about giving an SA $2000+ and not knowing who she really is and if I'll be receiving an authentic item. Am I being silly? Can anyone give me advice on how to go about getting the item without getting ripped off?
  2. Do you mean buying from Chanel, Saks, or Neimans? I order things over the phone all the time from legitimate stores and have never had a problem.
  3. I ordered my 1st Chanel (and the most expensive item that I owe to date) all the way from the States last month. I am thankful to have fun the most nicest SA over at NM
  4. no worries if you order through NM, Saks, BG, Nordies or straight from the boutiques! make known to the SA how you would like your bag, for example, all tags / auth cards must come in the bag, dust bag and box. tell them to check its condition and make sure it is immaculate before sending it out. that's what i always do with my SAs when i order from the U.S.
  5. I have. Be sure to get the SAs name and if possible request a tracking ID and the shipping method and company (i.e. UPS Ground). For purchases over the phone and the internet I use my American Express card in case I am not satisfied with the product and/or if the vendor is being difficult I can get a full refund. I am not sure if the AMEX card is an option where you live but I am more confident when I use this card OTP. Stores such as BG, NM, Saks and Chanel boutiques are very reputable in my opinion so you should be fine.

    HTH :flowers:
  6. I agree, you should't have a problem ordering direct from a Chanel boutique or a big name department store that carries Chanel. Until something opened up here that was how I had to order, unless I wanted to drive 200 miles.
  7. I've never had any problems either. Ordering from a boutique, NM or Saks should be fine.
  8. I am in NYC and ordered from Bloomie's in Chestnut Hill, MA. The SA was really nice and super great. She didn't charge me shipping since NYC Bloomie's didn't have the jumbo I wanted and it came to my house within 2 days. But she did have to verify with the CC company to make sure my purchase would be okay since it was a large amount. Hope this helps.
  9. no problems for me either. and i didn't get charged sales tax when i ordered from out of state! :smile:
  10. Did you gals pay with a credit card and do you get an actual store receipt? My purchase will be from an out of state Nordstrom SA. Currently there are no Nordstrom stores in my state so I wouldn't be able to exchange/return it here if something is wrong with my purchase.
  11. I pay w/ my Saks card if I purchase from Saks.. and your SA usually has that information already if you normally order through them. They should include a sales receipt along with the purchase. :yes:
  12. All the time. Usually arrives within a few days via Fed Ex. Also, the SA's have always called me to tell me when it has shipped and the tracking #. I have NEVER had a problem. Good luck and have fun shopping!!
  13. I used to work at Nordstrom and if you make a purchase over the phone, the SA should include the receipt with your purchase. Exchanges/returns by mail are very easy as well, so don't worry if there is something wrong with your purchase! If you are worried, just mention it to your SA so that they make sure that the receipt is included. HTH!
  14. I have had store receipts sent separately from the item, also.

    For Nordstrom, I've worked with CHANELboy here who is at MOA and is great!
  15. I do it a lot too, if you order from out of your state, save on sales tax