Has anyone ever been to Couture Exchange in NJ?

  1. I live really close to this place, but have never been, THE COUTURE EXCHANGE Storefront. I was wondering if anyone has been there or can vouch for their inventory? I will probably take a ride over there when I have some time off, but it looks like it COULD be promising. I just get so afraid of fakes, the lady seems pretty legit about it though.

    What do you think?
  2. I have not been there but it defintely looks interesting. And if you live nearby it may be worth a looksee. I bet it would be easier to determine the authenticity of the bags if you went to the store and saw for yourself. What a great idea for a shop though!

  3. OMG I know exactly where that is. I've just never been there. OMG the next time I'm down to visit my grandparents I will have to travel on that end of 35 to see what the deal is.
  4. Wow...I know exactly where that is!

    You'll have to check it out and let us know. I'd love to swing by there the next time I visit my folks.
  5. This store is like a dream come true! I go every week and have gotten some of my most treasured bags & accessories there. A Vintage Chanel tote, A sparkly Jimmy Choo clutch wallet, Brand new Louboutins, and a gorgeous Michele watch! I have been going there since 2005. I heard in my emails that they opened a second store in North NJ. Their web store is very cool too so now I can see what's new without even going there. I recommend this store and have never had a question about authenticity concerns-they guarantee everything too so I feel confident. The salespeople are really nice too--especially Jon--he's my man! He calls me when there are things he thinks I will like too! Check it out! :yahoo: :heart:www.thecoutureexchange.com:heart:
  6. I wish there were more/better pictures of the handbags. A front view and an inside view are just not enough. Especially since they are 'preloved', I'd like to see the bottom edges, straps, back, sides, etc. and I don't like having to e-mail and ask for more pictures ..
  7. One of them just opened right across the street from where I work! I'll stop by during my break today and see what they have to offer. :idea: One of my coworkers bought a pretty nice Fendi from there.
  8. I have to check this out. I have been going to the Short HIlls area to sell stuff but this place now opened in WEstfield
  9. The store is nice.. I would check it out because they do get nice things..Chanel is a little hard to come by but they have a great selection..lots of LV. If you are there to sell it's 50/50.
  10. Hmm. the 50/50 split is what they typically do in the short hills area. I love shopping for vintage Chanel which I have managed to find in Short HIlls.

    Still, worth checking out and maybe worth it to sell stuff.
  11. If you can I feel listing on bonanzle or eBay is better for your pocket but if you are into making possible trades or keeping an account there then it's worth it.
  12. Hey all, saw the thread and had to comment! I got a fabulous Chanel bracelet in the Westfield store a few weeks ago, it was on eBay for twice the amount I've paid for it. They do get a ton of Chanel in, but they keep a wishlist for items and you need to let them know what you're looking for. I also bought a nice Balenciaga there. Everything is authentic, the owner would never allow anything but the best. She is legit.
  13. If you live near either one of the showrooms you should def stop by! I went to the Shrewsbury store and the people there were super nice. I bought a Louis Vuitton that was BRAND NEW and a fraction of the retail price. I feel good about buying there because authenticity is guarenteed anyway.. If you want to buy something online from them though I would go their website www.thecoutureexchange.com because everything is marked up a little on eBay because of the fees. I love their wishlist too, they actually get new stuff in every day and they call if you if they get what you're looking for in. Seriously, they are the best!:yahoo:
  14. I've never been but I've driven past plenty of times. I always get nervous about buying fakes.
  15. Does anyone else find two posts in this thread to be "suspicious". Pretty interesting that two first time posters have such wonderful things to say about the place. One even found the thread months after the last comment was made on it.

    I don't think I'll be stopping in there anytime soon.