Has anyone ever been to Costa Rica?

  1. Hi everyone:

    I'm going to Costa Rica in November. I was wondering if anyone has been there, but specifically, the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. I just wanted opinions on the area, places you stayed or saw.

    Thank you so much! :heart:
  2. I've been but not so much caribbean.. Manuel Antonio beach is beautiful (+ monkeys). Monte Verde (rain forest) nice as well but roads to it were torturous in 2002. Arenal has some nice hot springs and a fantastic dormant volcano (again with monkeys) that you can hike up. Salsa dancing in San Jose (Los BrillianTICOS!!) just rocked.

    That's all I have. :smile: Would love to go back.
  3. I lived there for a year as an exchange student but that was in 1992 so probably a lot has changed. I stayed in Caullita for a couple of days which is on the caribean side and at that time it wasn't very touristic more a rastafari village with little huts to rent.
    Manuel Antonio is on the the other side but it's a beautiful nature park, Playa conchal is amazing as it has a pink beach because of the shells. The pacific side is much more beuatiful than the caribic side. Playa hermosa is a beautiful and it has a black beach. I would travel around the whole country if possible as there's so much to see and the nature is just breathtaking.
  4. ^ thank you so much for the reply christine! :heart: