Has anyone ever actually clicked on a "pop up" ad or visited a junk e-mail site?


do you respond to pop up ads or junk e-mail?

  1. No! I automatically delete or ignore all solicitations.

  2. Yes I can't help it. I have clicked on these but NEVER buy.

  3. Yes I can't help it. I have clicked on these and HAVE purchased something.

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  1. I admit I get less and less pop up ads because I set my computer to block most of them but I still get bulk junk e-mail. Everyone I know automatically deletes these so I'm wondering just how many people actually respond to this kind of intrusive marketing to make it profitable to keep doing?
  2. I delete them now... but in the beginning, I read them and thought them over and nearly got duped a few times :shame: I'm just such a sucker!!

    Not anymore though!
  3. I don't get anything anymore since my DH put a pop-up blocker on my computer, and installed a firewall on our network. I don't even get junk e-mails. He's lectured me so much over the years, I haven't clicked on anything!!
  4. I guess I still get junk e-mails from companies I've purchased from (ie, Harry and David, Smithsonian, Coach, LV, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, etc.) and I gotta admit I will click on those if the caption sounds interesting, like 50% off!
  5. my roommate thought she got an email from bank of america, but it was really one of those phishing scams, but she thought it was the real thing and someone cleaned out her checking account. she didn't even find out until we were at the mall and she tried to use her debit at lunch. bank of america took care of it, but beware!
  6. Yeah - I guess I do get e-mails from the companies I have ordered from. I'm a sucker for free shipping!
  7. I always open those get a free bag emails, but you usually have to spend about 200-300.
  8. That stuff is so scary, because they make it look so real. I am really anal about those emails so that does not happen to me. But people are so messed up! :cursing:
  9. yes they are rather loose with the word "free"!:roflmfao:
  10. Never ...