Has anyone encountered this issue? (buyer scam)

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  1. I sent something through UPS with a 1.5lb weight (on receipt). My buyer emails me today and claims there was nothing in the box and accusing me of sending an empty box filled with bubble wrap (obviously does not weigh 1.5lb). It was bought through Tradesy and they told me to file a claim with UPS. I really think the buyer is lying. I mean, there is a small possibility that the UPS person stole it because I got insurance on it so he knew the amount it was worth. But I'm sure the store has cameras and would he risk his job for $400?

    Anyway, I wanted to know if anyone has had this happen to them. It just seems so shady to me. Anyone can claim an "empty box" and get to keep the item and get a refund.
  2. Did you email Tradsey to let them know you have a receipt showing the weight went sent to buyer?
  3. Yes, they told me to file a claim w UPS. This is my first Tradesy listing (my friend who does it has never had a problem). The buyer keeps messaging me through Tradesy and she even called and left me a VM (i'm assuming my info was on the UPS label which I'm annoyed about now). I'm hoping UPS doesn't require a proof of price because I purchased it a long time ago and do not have receipt. I also hope UPS scans the weight when they deliver it because if it was just bubble wrap it would weigh close to nothing. :sad:((((( I'm sticking to consignment shops in NYC from now on. Nightmare.
  4. This has happened to me two times as a seller, once on etsy and once on ebay, both with USPS. In both cases, the claims were decided in my favor. I think I only won the claim on ebay because the buyer claimed INR rather than SNAD, but I'm pretty sure the buyer was lying.

    I wonder what would have happened if you had used Tradesy's label? Then wouldn't they have to file the insurance claim instead of you?
  5. That's correct if the OP had used Tradesy label via USPS the claim process would be seamless and taken care of by Tradesy, plus the item would be fully insured. There's is no reason whatsoever not to use their shipping label for $8.50 no matter the weight or distance. Seriously the best deal in town.
  6. Hi all: what do you think of tradesy, wanted to sell my Work bal and haven't heard too much.

  7. There's a tradesy thread with tons of info on this forum.

  8. I believe for the insurance claim the proof of the order for tradesy site might be sufficient. The reference to the weight upon delivery drivers do not weigh before they deliver it, however when it rreachedthe destination point before delivery there might be proof of weight.
  9. I agree...I mean, I know people have their issues with USPS, but because that is the shipping Tradesy uses, I always used it in the event that something may happen (like this).
  10. Since the person is claiming to have received an empty box you should tell them to please save the box for the Postal Inspector. Make it clear that you are filing a claim with USPS and they need to cooperate, it is on them to know if they lie they are commiting fraud.
  11. ^OP used her own shipping via UPS, not USPS
  12. You might still get your money. Tradesy has a form that you and the buyer have to sign. You have to swear you shipped the item and she has to swear she didn't get it. I know Tradesy will give you your money if you use their label even if something goes wrong. They might even if you don't.
  13. Maybe I just didn't look around enough on their app but the shipping is really confusing (the 3 options). Had no idea that insurance would be included on the tradesy shipping. I wanted to make sure it was insured which I why I used UPS (also UPS is right next to my apt and never has a line, unlike USPS).
  14. Do you know if I would get back the full item price or the price less fees? Or since it's through UPS they probably will have me get back the $400 from UPS and act like the sale on Tradesy never happened for either side. Since there are no reviews there is no way to stop this person from doing this again. It's crazy to me!

    I was thinking...and asked a group of friends today as well...out of ALL the packages we have ever received from online shopping, etsy, ebay, etc...none of us has ever received an empty box with no evidence of damage (or an empty box with evidence of damage). That's why I'm leaning towards fraud on the part of the buyer.

    Also just my luck...got to the last page of the UPS claim form and it's "temporarily unavailable" and I have to try again later. sigh. Do you think this person saw I was a new seller and targeted me?
  15. Good to know! Although I'm never using Tradesy again after this.