Has anyone else's wallet shown this defect?

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  1. My hubby bought me my first LV wallet for Xmas this past year (which makes it about 4 months old). Yesterday I took it out of my bag and noticed that the sealed edge of the canvas peeled off at the front.

    I'll be bringing the wallet in on Wednesday. I am sure that it could be fixed but I know that would take awhile. It would be so nice of them to just exchange it for a new one (but I won't hold my breathe!).

    Anyone had anything similar happen to their wallet?

    By thew way, sorry for the pix, had to use my cell.
  2. Never had that happen, but it appears to be a loosening of the "glue" used to seal the edges. I'd think they'd give you a new one or possibly repair that one, which shouldn't take long at all. Good luck!
  3. sorry about that rileygirl! They should repair that! After 4 months it should not be like that! good luck and keep us posted! xx
  4. No, I've never had that happen. I hope they fix it quick for you though! You never know, maybe they'll give you a new one!
  5. Wow...I've never seen anything like that happen berfore.....I hope you can fix it!!
  6. Oh dear I've never seen that before just go and speak to them it's not that old so this shouldn't be happening hopefully you'll get an exchange or repair fingers crossed for you
  7. I bet they'll replace it for you on the spot :yes: After so many purchases and this happening after 4 months and all. Plus LV's your second home *runs away* :p
  8. Eeeek!! that seems an obvious defect, hopefully they will replace it for you. Sorry about your baby, it's so sad when they get boo boo's :sad:
  9. I noticed this happened to mine (I also received for xmas!) right after I got it, but I just peeled it off and it was fine.
  10. nope its never happend to mine, go in and see what they say. Fingers crossed that you get a new one!
  11. never happened to any of my wallets but i hope they fix yours or replace it for you.
  12. it's the first time i see this happen w/LV, hope LV declare it defect so u can get a new one back :nuts:
  13. ^^^Aren't you a funny one!! LOL

    By the way, if I peel if off it exposes the canvas and the canvas will start to split and tear.

    I hope they give me a new one because if they take it away and send it in for repairs I am pretty sure I will crack and buy another wallet which would be BAAAAAAAD!

    Thanks everyone for your replies!!!!
  14. This has happened to my mono porte monnaie but its about 3 years old so im not bothered about it, it looks a mess though and shouldn't of happened if yours is only a few months old
  15. ugh never had that happened to me.
    not even to my 10 year old lv wallet.
    hope they can fix it for ya