Has anyone else's store NOT received the Silver Hearts yet?

  1. I got a call on Friday from my LV store saying that the cosmetic cases were in but not the hearts (I wait listed for the silver). I passed on the cosmetic case and they said that I still wanted the heart and they said that they would call me when they came in. I was in Neimans today and they had the Vernes Heart. It was the only one they received so I thought it was meant to be so I bought it (hubby said I could have it for my birthday). Before they rang it up I had them call the store I usually shop in to confirm there were no silver mirrored hearts. They SA at Neimans said that they received them already and they were gone. I stopped by the store on the way home and my SA was there and said they had not received any. He said they had only gotten one gold and it was on hold for someone else. He brought it out to show it to me ... it was beautiful. He said that out of all the stores in Vegas only one had gotten a shipment and they got three. Apparently I am 1st on the wait list ... and still waiting. Hs anyone else's store not gotten their shipment yet.
  2. mine's hasnt. or supposedly they haven't.....
  3. I don't think mine has either. From what I saw, my store had:
    Amarante cosmetic case
    Gold cosmetic case
    Violette cosmetic case (not on display)
    Gold heart
    Violette heart

    None of the hearts were on display though...and ChocoGrace and I go to the same store, she got the Pomme case which I didn't see (she exchanged it for Amarante though), and the other store we sometimes go to had the silver cosmetic case.
    But I havent heard much about the hearts.
  4. My store has received every heart except amarante. :hysteric: Last year the hearts came unevenly as well, the vernis ones arrived much later than the MCs.
  5. The Vernis hearts have arrived at my store, I am not sure about the Miroir as I did not WL for one, I went for the Vernis.
  6. Vernis is in (at least pomme and armarante) no miroir heart, just the cases
  7. LOL!!! I think we shop at the same LV. I got my gold one from Fashion Show, but not the silver.....called 866 and they found me one. I got tired of waiting. I was told I'm 4th on the list and I was 1st for the gold which doesn't make sense as I waitlisted for both at the same time. Oh well! I really, really want the pomme now. I passed on it the other day and now I want it. If anyone knows where there's a pomme, PM me!!!!

    ETA: Is this Fashion Show LV? I bought my gold heart on Friday from there, so if your SA is telling you that they only got one gold......hmmm. I was at the Forum Shops tonight and they had silver, but they're all sold. I returned a silver one to the Forum tonight because it was scratched....got it through 866. I have another on the way tomorrow.
  8. My husband reminded me that they showed me a silver heart Friday night at Fashion Show, but it was on hold for the person 1st on the list. I'm still waiting for my call from them for a silver heart. 866 is telling me that it's a done deal......the shipments have all been distributed, so we'll see!
  9. ^^
    Thank you! I'm going to contact her. I got one through calling 866, but it came with a scratch. I'd like to find one without a scratch. I'm getting sick of waiting for my store to call me.
  10. No I havent got mine though I have already paid in full for it. My SA says that it will be in before 14th Feb!
  11. Good! I hope you got it 'cause I see that it sold already!
  12. I got the Mirroir hearts a month ago already and the Vernis ones last satruday. My store still have some Mirror Hearts on display. But each store is different though.
  13. Nope....wasn't me! :crybaby: Oh well. I guess I'll wait for my store to call me. The leather goods manager assured me last night that I will get one. I just want to do an exchange. I guess if nothing, I'll have to live with my little scratch.