Has anyone else tried Kraft's new ranch and HATES it??

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  1. Oh my god. I just HAD to come here and vent. And I'm sorry if somebody else has already posted something about this, but I did do a search and nothing came up.

    Kraft just recently changed their ranch recipe, and OH BOY does it taste like CRAP (I would use another word, but I will remain PG).

    I was getting ready to eat my salad and after the first bite, something tasted horribly wrong. First off it didn't taste like buttermilk ranch, it tasted like MIRACLE WHIP!! I hate miracle whip as I prefer real mayo, and I know ranch has mayo in it, but it sure doesn't taste like mayo (let alone miracle whip).

    They changed their recipe not too long ago (I attached a picture of the new bottle), and it was a very bad move. I have no idea what taste tester approved of this at the Kraft factory. And I'm not the only one disgusted by the new recipe. The forums at Kraft.com are full of complainers as well.

    Anyone else noticed this horrible change?? I mean Kraft has pretty good dressings in general, but this dressing made me gag!!

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  2. I don't buy dressings because I make my own, so if you're so inclined, you could try making your own too. It's very easy. Just find a basic recipe online and tweak it to your liking.
    I do hate when fave food items are changed. I used to love a particular brand of BBQ sauce, then they changed it for no good reason. I ended up trying to make my own...and I still do.
  3. OMG! i totally agree, we usually use hidden valley, but i was like, eh, its kraft so it probably good too! I hate mayo/miracle whip but that is exactly what i thought it tasted like too! ew, its so nasty.
  4. Hate Miracle Whip too!
  5. I hate when companies make products "new & improved"; it never is!
    I like Hidden Valley Ranch or homemade!
  6. Yes, I agree! I can pretty much guarantee that the "new" ingredient = more corn syrup! It tastes a lot sweeter now, which is what I also hate about Miracle Whip!! Hidden Valley is way better IMO, especially if you get the packets and make it yourself w/ Greek yogurt and buttermilk-- less fat and no sugar!
  7. I actually get Hidden Valley Ranch too. The funny thing is, there is always two different ranch dressings in the house -my parents and mine. My mom buys whatever is "on sale" and lately it's been this horrid ranch, while I buy what I like which is usually Hidden Valley or even Wishbone dressings. Only reason why I used "theirs" is because they used mine (I found it kind of weird, but they must have used up all theirs I guess).

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed this new "miracle whip mayo" dressing!! *barf*
  8. Yes, I brought the new and approved version and was highly dissapointed also. Its just sitting in the refrig now. They should change it back.
  9. it truly is urrrgghhh - we use Paul Newmans
  10. hidden valley only one for me
  11. i LOVE miracle whip but i dunno how i would feel about my ranch dressing tasting like it..... that doesn't sound appetizing.

    i used to work at a cafe and the owner made his own ranch and it was SO good. we always asked him for the recipe and he always claimed it was just the recipe on the packet of hidden valley ranch seasoning. i think he was holding out on us.

    i generally only get hidden valley ranch because i buy them at sams club because i use so much ranch
  12. Eeks, the new ranch is SO gross!
  13. Yes!!! It's retchid!!!

    I bought some a few months ago instead of Hidden Valley and Hated it. I tossed the bottle in the trash. They have some nerve advertising it AS good as Hidden Valley. To me it tasted like mucus. Quite disgusting.
  14. I've tried it and it's disgusting!!!