Has anyone else thought about giving up on Chanel?

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  1. I am in love with Chanel, however every time I see one or think about it, I get sad :0 !! I own alot of Chanel, from cosmetics to shoes and bags and everything in between and I have been satisfied with mostly everything but even if i wasnt I overlooked it until now.

    I guess I was in denial of what Chanel has become until I paid a visit to my store on monday and had a long talk with my SA who is wonderful. 5300 for a caviar jumbo is crazy , and I just avoided thinking about it until it was staring me in the face. Ive always though Chanel was a little overpriced in the past few years but its out of hand now. The caviar now looks and feels like plastic. 3000 for GST, that also feels like plastic. I just dont understand and it upsets me, bad. Its not about the money really, dropping 5300 dollars on handbags is something I know alot of us have done, however I can get 3 lv's for 5300! And the quality going down just makes it worse. Im sorry, I just cant justify Chanel bags anymore!! It breaks my heart though!!!

    Does anyone else feel as strongly as I do?
  2. I do, I usually get all excited when DH travels to Europe and offers to get something from Chanel. Nowadays I have a hard time deciding what to get. The leather and workmanship just don't feel luxurious anymore.

    Even if a colour/designs gets me excited, I would be anxious whether DH knows what to look out for when doing quality checks. I simply do not buy the reasoning that they are handmade and hence any inconsistencies.

    And so often when i checked out new designs at our local store, the difference between what we see on pics and how they feel in our hands is so great. The display piece shows you what the bag will look at in a while. They seems more fragile nowadays, deflated quiltings, creases on the leather, and dye issues on the 12A red... The thought of DH might come back with a lemon is awful!
  3. I only own 1 Chanel and I think that is it for me. I regretted that I didn't but it sooner before many price increases. I think $5080 which what I had to pay for my Jumbo here in Australia last year is crazy, but I went and did it just like other first buyer or Chanel :smile: but thinking back about it, I don't think the bag is worth that much, especially if you are not 100% happy with the quality.
    Compare to LV, I have barely any problem with them and I have more of LV and use them more often than my Chanel. So for me...LV from now on.
    Especially reading many unhappy Chanel customer makes me sad to think that people spend a lot of money and not getting the value of the money or the service :sad:
  4. I will definitely not give up on Chanel. I got my first Chanel just this year in July, a really lovely 227, and become addicted to Chanel. I got my second one right after, a GST and loving it as well, and purse and accessories. I think I will never stop buying Chanel. I used to love bags less expensive, and always spend my money for other bags before saving up a bit. However, after getting the first one of my Chanel , I found that no other brands can offer the elegance as it from Chanel design. As for comparing Chanel to LV, almost all LV bags priced lower than 2k+ are not even leather! Thinking of leather bags, Chanel's price are quite reasonable. Dior, Celine's prices are also going sky high, and they never offer as many designs of bags as Chanel. I just can't regard 3 LV bags the same as one Chanel.
    I have already own some bags less than 3k+ though, and number of designer bags are not something that are important to me any longer. I think buying designers bags are like a transition, we mostly start from LV, Balenciaga, and swich to better brands once we have enough of them.
  5. The shoppers and the wallet on a chain are still worth it for me. I'm actually heading to Chanel today to buy a new shopper. However, I will not buy another (new) flap bag, because they are really going crazy with the prices. If they continue at this rate, a Jumbo will soon cost as much as a Birkin, and the quality is just not nearly as good.
  6. there's something abt chanel that i can't resist...perhaps not the usual classic lines, but from runway...
  7. Hi OP, I share your sentiments! So I'm imposing self ban from stepping into Chanel.
  8. Hi OP I love Chanel & can't get enough of it.....I did stop for a year but bought plenty of other makes but now I'm hooked again on Chanel :love:
  9. 5300? is that the price for the US now?

    I just bought a M/L beige flap gold hardware from my trip to Paris 2 days ago and I got it because it's always been on my wish list. Thing is, I'm barely excited about it. I remember when I first got my Jumbo, I was over the moon same for any other chanel bags I got.

    Now I look at my new flap I feel a bit MEH about it. I'm actually more excited about the Cabas Chyc which I didn't get and was half the price of the flap.
  10. Congrats on your first Chanel! However since it is your first you cannot see the quality issue going downhill, especially the caviar. And something about the fact that we were all paying half the price for better quality in the near past is what gets alot of us. I already have all my flaps, GST, and accessories that I love, but continuing on seems redundant to me. You are so right on Chanels elegance, no one can quite get that and alot of that elegance comes from Chanels rich heritage. Most LV's under 2k are not made of leather, your right but LV's history is canvas, and it is much much much more versatile than leather, especially lambskin. But if you go through the threads, you read things about GST's becoming limp and slouchy after being carried a few months, color issues, screws randomly falling off, repair issues, and people should not have these issues with bags these prices. I have to agree with OP, Chanel is not Hermes, not even close. My SA said she has lost far more than half her regular clientele, some of who have been buying Chanel for 50+ years. We live in an area with alot of wealthy people and I know alot will understand this, but for those who still can afford Chanel, its not about the $$ at all, its about justifying the fact that quality is going far down and price doubling. When you put that plain and simple, it all makes no sense. As far as other designers, such as Celine, I have a few mini luggage's and the quality is phenomenal!! Plus just because something is cheaper, doesn't necessarily mean its lower quality. LV is beating Chanel by a long shot in my book, as the cowhide lining on some of my LV's feel nicer than some Chanel products. I just cant justify it. I will continue to buy shoes, I just purchased a lovely pair Monday, cosmetics, and RTW as long as those prices don't triple!! I do hope you enjoy your Chanel experiences and dont EVER have to deal with the quality issues!
  11. So sorry your not 100% on your Chanel, but im right next to you on sticking to LV. Much higher quality, excellent customer service, and beautiful pieces!! But be happy you have at least one Chanel before a flap costs 10,000! ):
  12. Well said! Totally agree with you!
  13. I don't buy nearly as much chanel anymore. I have acquired a very nice collection over the years and at this point i cant see paying 5k for a bag knowing what i paid just 2 years ago. I will continue to purchase a WOC occasionally, but even they have jumped in price quite drastically. I still buy the shoes. I love Chanel shoes! You are not alone. I still lurk and admire other people purchases and drool, but I'm quite content with what I have.
  14. I'm in the exact same boat! I feel like I have to buy what I want now before they get more expensive and cheaper in quality! I'd be sad to see Chanel die out from quality!!!
  15. I feel the same way! I LOVE Chanel, but the quality/price ratio is ridiculous. It's way too expensive and a lot more people start complaining about quality lately. There are only a few bags I still want (classic flaps in black and beige claire in jumbo or medium size and maybe a gst) but that's probably about it. I'd rather invest my money in jewelry than in poor quality bags. I will continue buying shoes and small leather goods though hoping prices won't increase ridiculously.