Has anyone else started a PCE shopping list?

  1. I apologize if this is in the "lust" list, but if not, what are you guys looking to get at the PCE in June *if it happens* :graucho:

    Here's mine + either a natural ali or vintage ergo
    coach beauty.jpg coach earrings.jpg coach scarf.jpg coach wallet 2.jpg mini skinny.jpg
  2. lol I have. I think I'm gonna get the vintage leather ergo hobo but only IF I get an invite. I hope so! I was in the store a few times and I also called my store to place orders thru my store! They even sent me two thank you notes. ;_; I hope I hope!
  3. Yes look at my signature. I just don't know which I want. HELP! By then I am going to have a $200+ credit!!

  4. Candy:

    If you don't get an invite, just go into the store when you know the PCE is taking place. Go to the SA who has helped you before. Tell her that you would like to purchase you item with the PCE Discount and ask if she would let you participate. I am sure that they will let you participate. The Coach SA's are usually nice about it especially if they have seen you in the store on different occassions and you have ordered from them as well so you are in the system. Good luck.

  5. I know I said I was not going to buy anything but I can't resist. I will most likely purchase the Legacy Satchel in Brown! I love this bag.

  6. :drool: :drool: Great choice!

    I want to re-buy what I returned from the last PCE. :cursing: I'm such a dork. I just knew I spent too much money and something had to go back. So I'd like to get the Whiskey Ali and the Legacy Brown Satchel. And *this* time, I'm not returning them! LOL :wlae:
  7. ^^Too cute! I'm also thinking of the whiskey Ali and that brown satchel would be TDF. I also like the new Legacy charm.
  8. Definitely an Ali in either whiskey or black. Maybe a swingpack in watercolor. I'd also like to get a demi or wristlet for summer! This could get very expensive...
  9. I don't have a Legacy bag and I am sorely tempted to go for a satchel or an Ali in black. Then again, a khaki Carly would be pretty. Sure could use a Gallery tote. I wonder how I would look with an Ergo patent hobo on my shoulder? Someone, slap me HARD!!:noggin:
  10. So if I do get to join in on PCE this month I was wondering how does it work? Can you only do it in store or can you shop online or via the 800 number?

  11. It only works in the Coach boutiques. IF they don't have a bag in stock, they will order it for you.
  12. I'm still considering an Ergo tote in Camel and may get one at the PCE. WOuld also love a Carly but that may be too much Coach--could go into a handbag coma from all the excitement!:wlae:
  13. Probably the black patent ergo or the vintage one - guess availability will be the deciding factor. Do we think it will be the first week of June?
  14. I haven't decided if I want to let practicality (a camel and/or white leather ergo) or lust (something signature cotton) drive this round of shopping.....
  15. I can't believe this- but there is nothing left on my wishlist if my hubby gets the new Legacy stripe ponytail scarf and the legacy leather wristlet. Nothing. Murphy's Law says I will get an invite.