Has anyone else seen anything in the color Lavender?

  1. I was in my Bloomingdales 2 nights ago and I saw they had the Dash in in this gorgeous purpleish color called Lavender. I was trying to see if there's anything else for the season in that color. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. This is the Dash:


    But no it's definately not the same color as Lilac. I've seen a Lilac Blake in person and this Lavender color is definately a darker purple, with a hint of red.
  3. I would love to see the Dash in lavender! I have only seen it in pics on the MJ site. So pretty. I guess the new bags are finally making their way into the stores. Yay! Can't wait to see all these new bags IRL.
  4. I saw a Christy today at Bloomingdale's.

    I didn't check the tag for the name of the color, but it was much closer to a lavender than the the example of the Lilac shown on the bag featured on the Nordstrom site.

    The Christy was nice in that color.
  5. I saw a ZC at Saks which was officially (in the Saks system) called "grey" but was a stunning lavender-y gray, but no bags in the color. I thought it was way too lavender to be called gray, so maybe that was it. I remember falling in LOVE with the color.
  6. Never saw the color, but love the "Dash" and the color that you are describing Lorac sounds GORGE. Too bad you couldn't sneak photos;):graucho:
  7. I know I saw this color at Nordstrom (Kansas), I believe it was the Blake, could have been the Parker from bags4fun's post, don't know for sure. It was a real subtle color. Next time I'm there (if the bag is still there) I will update on the style.
  8. I saw a beautiful lavendar MJ at Neimans yesterday but the SA didn't know name. It looks like a messenger style bag with a leather strap that ties around the top and it has two long handles. I've looked on every site to find it online and can't. I did see a photo of it on this forum in a different color and larger size but can't find it now. It was gorgeous!
  9. Well see there's a color called 'Grey' that looks like a lilac grey color. Then there is the 'Lilac' color from the Resort 2007 collection. The tag on the bag definately said Lavender and it wasn't the same color as those 2.

    Is this the bag you are talking about?


    That is on Neiman Marcus's website and that color is called Plumb (Raspberry).
  10. I LOOOOVE that bag!
  11. GORGEOUS bag!!! :love::love::love: Has anybody seen this IRL?
  12. I saw it today at Nordstrom in Latte. *Very pretty.* Not a the right size / shape for me, but would be great for many other stylish tPF-ers I'm sure.

    The more I think about it, the Christy I saw at Bloomie's the other day was probably technically Grey and not Lavender.
  13. The dash in lavender is a deep purple, it looks great with the nickel hardware. bloomies sf has them.
  14. New at shoptwigs is this Eugenie in Lavendar. I think very very cute: