Has anyone else noticed...

  1. that us TPF LV addicts have seemed to go against the predictions of LV. I've noticed this with the neo cabby. Black was poised to be the more limited color, but I rarely see it in blue denim. And now with the Mirage Speedy...less black and more bordeaux. Do you think it's the same for the rest of the LV loving population?
  2. The fact that the black Neo Cabby was poised to be the more limited is probably why so many tPFers bought it. The same can probably be said about the Bordeaux Mirage.
  3. Although I have to say (owning neither bag) that the black neo-cabby and the bordeaux mirage would have been my choices - they are STUNNING. Especially the Bordeaux Mirage!!
  4. that's a good point. i guess with tpf we're more avid collectors and fans, so we want the more limited more so than the regular customer.
  5. Ha ha ha, I think us TPF'ers want the more exclusive stuff, as Armcandy said! My question is, what percentage of LV's most exclusive bags do TPF'ers have and what is left over for the rest of the world? :p Basically I think they have to pick through our leftovers!
  6. I bought both items in black because I live in black and neutrals. They were answered prayers for me!!! I've always dreamed of LV making blackish bags.
  7. hmmm, good observation. but the last two times at LV i noticed more people picking up the black over the blue. maybe because it's a new color and a lot of LV lovers already have blue denim in their collection.

    i chose black over blue for vachetta reasons. love the blue though!
  8. Yeah I agree. We tend to find out about the newer pieces first so that's what we go for. And heh, maybe we don't see the other pieces much because we bought all the more limited ones like jellybebe said! Lol.
  9. i agree with armcandyluvr :smile:
  10. Personally I think those two bags just look a little bit better.
  11. We get first dibs at the LE stuff --- or so it seems --- so we get to mess up LV's predictions because as LV fanatics that we are, we value exclusivity and we LVOE that certain cachet of owning unique LV bags.
  12. I wonder how people found out about things before TPF LOL
  13. The black neo cabby is MUCH prettier then the blue! I think the black is seasonal too, so it will be discontinues, thus making it "limited" I saw both Mirage speedies and I was so glad that my SA held the bordeaux for me instead of the black, it is prettier as well!
  14. LOL Claire, I totally agree! I'm kicking myself now for not finding out about it earlier than I did, hehe. :heart:
  15. I love the black cabby.