Has anyone else noticed this suspicious type of bidding?

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  1. Lately, I've noticed so many auctions that seem like fake items and they have a TON of bids. But all the bidders have 0-1 feedback and all of them have user id's like 1***5 or A****E? Most of the time the item sells to another person with a regular ID but just wondering if this is really the seller making up other id's and bringing up the popularity of this item?

    Just wondering why people will bid so much on a clearly fake item if it's not the seller doing it?
  2. It could actually be people wrecking them to stop people being ripped off or newbies that either don't know or don't care about buying fakes
  3. This is all valid, eBay is protecting the bidder's ID's on expensive items. When the auction end, the actually winner is the only visible.
  4. This has been posted about a bunch of times before. I totally thought it was some sort of trick the first time I saw it too, but it's not the bidders doing it. It's something eBay started a year or two back for items over $200. They mask the bidders' IDs so that you can't see the whole thing, by putting **** in the middle and only displaying first and last letter. They have normal IDs, but only the buyer/seller can see the full ID till the auction ends. It was done to stop scammers from contacting bidders while the auction is going on, sort of an almost-private auction for the more expensive items. I know that doesn't address the question of the fakes or the low-feedback bidders, but they aren't all creating the same type of weird ID.
  5. ^Yup. It makes it impossible to see who is shill bidding though since you can't identify similar ID's. eBay encourages you to report shill bidding but it's kind of hard now..
  6. Ok, that makes sense now. Thanks everyone!