Has anyone else noticed this adorable

  1. hardware on some of the MJ bags? See where normally there would just be a round hardware thingy. On this bag it is a tiny, tiny little push lock. Is that the cutest little thing you have ever seen? :love:
  2. Yes It almost made me buy a bag just because of them! Then I came to my senses!!
  3. Oooh, that is too cute!!
  4. Which bag does that have it on?? Or maybe I don't want to know..LOL
  5. if you think that is cute, look at this....
  6. :wtf: I need that. LOL

    Where did you find that?
  7. The pushlock charm is on luisaviaroma.com. Here's the link. They also have the Alfred & Daisy keychain as well as a Jackie keychain. All you ladies name Jackie out there now have a bag AND a keychain named after you! :woohoo:


    p/s: How cute is that Mouse flat hanging off the Jackie keychain? :love:
  8. for fans of the mini pushlocks, there are a bunch of new mix quilted clutches out in spring-y colors with them on it. :tup:
  9. ^^When are those cuties going to be available in the states? Cost to much for shipping to get from luisaviaroma !! I really want the dogs and the tiny pushlocks!!! I am in:heart::heart::heart::yes: I am dumb? What is the price in dollars?? Not euros!
  10. The bowler pleated handbag! There was one on eBay, not a bad deal considering it is still full price at Bergdorfs!!
  11. With the current exchange rate, the Alfred & Daisy would come up to $140 while the pushlocks charm would come up to $125.24. I hope they'll be available in the US sometime soon since the website states its a pre-order to be available in March.

  12. Wen, thank you!:tup:
  13. Yep,need me some push locks. To order now or to wait, that is the question.
  14. OMG!!! That is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time!!!
  15. Oh, yeah, you know just where to hit me! That is so cute! I love miniatures!:love: