Has anyone else noticed the quality of numerous brands getting a lot worse? <<

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  1. For example, I feel like the quality of a lot of BR items has gone extremely downhill. Even just feeling the clothing the material is just . .not what it use to be. Vince Cashmere quality in my opinion has gone down a lot too. I have one sweater from the F/W season that I haven't worn yet b/c I don't know whether or not I will return it. The quality is just unimpressive to me . .as opposed to a sweater I have from the spring/summer season or before.

    And I walked into my local Jcrew yesterday and I swear the whole store was basically all tissue tops/cardigans/t-shirts . .

    anyone else noticing too? maybe w/ the bad economy companies are decreasing quality, but w/ quality like this i don't even know if i'd buy even on sale. just won't hold up long and feels and looks flimsy to me
  2. Yes. Companies are cutting corners to save $. I've seen a huge decline in quality in some brands.
  3. i've seen this for years and years. the same goes with cars, clothes, basically anything and everything. synthetics are cheaper to manufacture, and are used in larger quantities. that's why i drive an old car and collect vintage. most stuff out there is crap now-a-days...
  4. ^ True
  5. Yes, sadly.
  6. yes, same as some handbag power house, Coach, LV, and Chanel too!
  7. I thought Coach is still about the same...

    I have noticed this too. I have a feeling cutting corners is going to bite these companies in the behind sooner, rather than later.
  8. Yes....especially the lining and hardware on some of the bags I am familiar with. It's sad.
  9. Yes, and its been coming for a long time. If you go back and compare just 5 even 10 years ago, there may not be much of a difference in quality, however when you look at vintage items from say 25 years ago, there's a huge difference in quality.
  10. Look for designer clothes made it the USA, Italy, or Switzerland - the quality is superior.
  11. Oh I believe even canned soft drinks are a 'lil watered down these days!

    All to cut costs. :sad:
  12. Yes! For cheap clothes The Gap and for my workout clothes Old Navy- they've all gotten so thin! You can see though everything.
  13. this has been the recurring theme for quite sometime now, and it's awful. there's no end in sight especially with this recession looming overhead. many of my favorite brands for handbags, clothing, and shoes just isn't what it used to be. there's a lot of things i miss that have been sacrificed for low production costs and higher profit margins. :sad:
  14. I was just thinking about this, but I was specifically thinking about appliances. I have a Kenmore Elite dishwasher that makes me want to re-enact a scene from Office Space, complete with Geto Boys soundtrack and baseball bat. The thing is only three years old and I've had lots of problems with it. I know people who had practically indestructible Kenmore dishwashers for many years, but mine sucks.
  15. J.Crew's quality has been going downhill while prices soared for at least 5 or 6 years now. I used to love them but stopped buying when simple T shirts and tops tore or got holes after 2 washings.