Has anyone else heard this about pond patent?

  1. I went to the boutique today to see the new stuff and didn't see any pond patent ergo totes. I've been hoping to see one in real life because I wanted to see what the color REALLY looks like. They only had the brown on display, so I asked about the pond and was told (after they checked the computers) that NONE of the stores on Long Island (not even Roosevelt Field or the Americana Manhasset) or in any "nearby" major cities (like Boston and Philadelphia) had it. According to the SAs, there are only 88 pond patent ergo totes at JAX.:confused1:

    Has anyone else heard this? Has anyone actually seen pond patent at a store?

    It seems weird that Coach would make so few of them (originally, one of the SAs said that pond wasn't being released at all due to defects, but then I and the other SAs told her it was available online.....so maybe there's some truth to that? Maybe most were defective and that's why there are so few?)

    Thankfully, I don't think pond would look good on me, so the info wasn't devastating, but I just figured I'd post this so those of you who are hoping to get one could order one fast, and so I could find out if anyone else has heard this.:yes:
  2. I saw the pond patent tote at the Faneuil Hall Boston store today.
  3. Yeah, I saw your photos earlier and they're great:tup:. I was just hoping to see it IRL because I know that it can look different in pics and on computer moniters.

    I think that if they were indeed defective, then Coach would have checked them and only sold whatever non-defective bags they could find (in other words, you're probably safe :smile:)

    And thanks...I actually made my avatar:shame:
  4. Okay, so then either the SAs or the computers are messed up...because they specifically said Boston didn't have it


    I wish SAs were better informed...
  5. True, there is def. a difference between seeing it IRL and on the computer.:yes: Hope you find one!

    Very impressed with the avatar! Cool use of fonts and color, not to mention the message!! NICE:tup:
  6. Yeah, I hope I'll spot one someday, just so I can see what all the fuss is about! I'm sure it's beautiful, but I don't think it will look good on me for some reason (sure would be nice to be able to see one and try it on to make sure I'm not missing out, though:push:smile:

    Heehee, thanks:shame:. It's actually a ridiculously simple avatar, but I'm glad you find it impressive! I just made it really quickly out of frustration after seeing a vendor selling tons of fake bags a couple years back (I think I made it in like, 2006 or something). Gets the point across, at least:smile:
  7. I saw the pond ergo tote tonight, and it was simply beautiful!!!! They only had it in the store because someone ordered it, and then didn't like the color or style, I guess. I wanted it in the hobo though. So, I couldn't resist when the SA said there were only 88 at JAX, so I ordered one!!! It is supposed to arrive at the store on Wed. or Thurs. next week. I can't wait to get it!!! :smile:
  8. We actually have the Pond Tote at my store, I was a bit surprised to see it when I went into the stock room the other night, didn't go by the store today to see if it's out but I'm assuming it is.
  9. I posted this in another thread, but when I called Thursday, my boutique did not get any of the pond totes or hobos in. I was disappointed as well because I want to see this in person before ordering. I am wondering about the "defect" as well. I really hope the pond comes in the large hobo! It's only avail in brown in that size on the site. I should know more tomorrow after going to the boutique.
  10. My SA said that there was a delay in production with some of the Pond pieces, and as a result, the Pond would only be going to Flagship stores.