Has anyone else heard of this???

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  1. I just bought a bag on *bay and the seller emailed me (I think that she is very honest) and said that paypal would not release the payment that I sent her until I left her feedback or until 3 days after I received the shipment. Has anyone had this happen? Or heard of it? This sounds like such a crazy idea. She said this is something new that paypal is doing to try and help protect buyers and sellers. I think it is maybe based on how much the item sold for.

    So, of course she is leery of shipping it and then if I dispute the payment she has lost her money and the bag. And I am leery of posting positive feedback for an item that I have not received yet. What if she doesn't send it? Or there's a problem? Would I have any recourse to still get my money back, if I had already left positive feedback? Who could have possibly came up with the crazy idea!
  2. I believe the new Paypal rule is true.

    However, DO NOT post feedback before you receive the item. She is not allowed to ask you to do that, period. Ebay/Paypal has made some unfair new rules for sellers, but you also need to protect yourself.

    It is her responsibility to ship the item in a timely fashion once you have paid.
  3. That is odd. I would NOT leave feedback until you get the item.
  4. Yes, someone on here had the same thing happen to them! Where's Vivi? She can explain it better to you!
  5. I never ever give feedback until I have the item.
  6. There is no such rule. DO NOT be pressured into leaving feedback before receiving the item! No one should ever leave feedback before they receive an item. This is how people can get scammed. Do you have the link to the auction?
  7. I agree with all above^^. It is new and she can't get her money until you leave FB, BUT you should NOT leave FB until you get your bag!
  8. wow, i am so glad I do not sell on ebay anymore. What a stupid rule, if true. But it may just be a way to not get a neg, since sellers can't leave neg fb (another dumb rule)
  9. Did your seller have lower feedback, like less than 100 or 150? I heard that is why they had put this in place, I don't agree with it, but don't feel sorry for her, definitely don't leave feedback before getting the bag, that is nuts.
  10. Wow...this is a new one for me. I'd be leary if I was the buyer or seller! Sheesh
  11. can a mod move this to the ebay forum..... it might get more discussion there

    TIA :tup:
  12. Yes, here it is:
    She has been very nice. I asked for literally millions of pictures to post on the Louis authentication site. She was very, very helpful. During all of my question asking someone actually bought it with BIN and then wanted to pay with a check, which she stated in the auction that she did not take. Anyway, she ended up relisting it after I got all my pictures that I needed and I paid for it. It was then that whole thing came up about the release of payment. I don't think that she has sold very many things and was unaware of this policy. I feel bad for her, and honestly don't think that she is trying to scam me. But, it kind of puts both people in a bad situation. I really don't know what to do. As you can see from my auction, it was not cheap. So, that is why I really don't want to leave the feedback first. I am afraid that it might turn into a bad situation.
  13. Hmm, interesting. I haven't heard about this new policy.
  14. Ugh, they are doing the most. But the bad thing is, there's obviously been so much messiness by both sellers AND buyers, that this is what the bay and PayPal have had to resort to in order to keep things going. It's unfortunate that it's affecting you on this purchase! I hope this all works out.
  15. There is such rule, I'm afraid! It is not for all sellers. I don't know how Ebay "choose" those particular sellers to impose them that rule; but I have read those new rules a few months ago.

    It is unfair to sellers and some of them are eager to ship because they don't even know for sure if the funds will 100% be cleared after they ship the item. We have read that after shipments, some scammers went ahead and file for chargeback or funds were from stolen CC and were reversed!

    All of this is so sad and make me want to stop Ebay too.:tdown: