Has anyone else heard of the saddle no longer being made?

  1. When I went to the vegas NM, I told the SA that i really wanted a saddle bag and she told me that christian dior is no longer making them. I bought the Dior Lovely Pochette instead but I really want to get a saddle bag, but not the double saddle.

    has anyone else heard this? And sorry if i put this question in the wrong area. I'm still new to this site.
  2. Hello,

    If you look on the UK and US Dior website (www.dior.com) they have a couple of saddle bags...hmmm....so, I am not sure. Maybe that specific store didn't have any in stock(?) best wishes!

    p.s. I will post pics from the website featuring the saddle bags currently listed upon the website. :girlsigh:
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  11. you are so helpful! =)
  12. Haven't heard that, the monogram saddle is part of their permanent collection :wtf:
  13. if it is the same SA who said that there are no Dior fakes made,we can all relax ;)
  14. That's what I was thinking nataliam :lol:

    Saddle bags are definitely not going anywhere (confirmed by a friend who manages a Dior store).
  15. there was an SA who said there are no dior fakes? :wtf:

    since the saddle is galliano's creation, and he's still very much helming dior, i highly doubt it'd go out. plus i reckon the saddle is one of dior's top selling bag and highly recognisable, so i don't think it's going to be retired into the backroom anytime soon.

    p/s nat, i got your package today! :wlae: it's sooo cute! even my mom likes it!