has anyone else had paypal probs ?

  1. just a quick question: i sold 2 authentic Hermes bags and received Paypal payment. I am a seller with 100% feedback however Paypal called me this am and told me they would suspend my paypal acct until they had contacted the sellers themselves and got feedback that they were happy with the auth. of the items before they would un-suspend my acct!!! I think this really stinks as i'd never jeopardise my eBay feedback by selling fake bags... has anyone else sold Hermes and has a similar reaction from Paypal (no specifics please!). it will really discourage me from using paypal in future for large ticket sales if this is the policy they employ with honest sellers with good feedback, when they should be targetting the real problem sellers IMO.
  2. Sounds like paypal is looking out for number #1, and it certainly isn't you! Is it possible since you sold two items at the same time that pp is looking to protect itself but if you had spaced the sales out so only one payment at a time came in they wouldn't do this? But in the end, once this clears up, I'm sure they'll collect their hefty fees for the transactions, w/o any regard to the inconvenience they have caused you
  3. Amazing... I'm sorry this happened to you. Probably they are 'scared' as they guarantee up to 2000 back if something goes wrong, so maybe that's why they are so 'careful'. I do think it is weird they would like to talk to you buyers, why? what do they want to know ? (authenticity or that they received the merchandise?)
  4. As a buyer, paypal accused me of "fraud". The seller knew me and I sent a wire.They never notified me. I was informed by the seller. I was mortified!!! I did finally find a human at Paypal to straighten this out. It consisted of faxing bank statements, passport, my broker's name/number and authorizing disclosure,etc. If my husband ever knew, I wouldn't be writing this now. I was told it was just a random act on Paypal's part of picking an unfortunate innocent person and putting them through hell. I had 4 sleepless nights and was on the phone 24 hrs. The good news was I lost 5 lbs.
    I wish you good luck.
  5. Actually, I have never had any issues at all with PayPal (at least nothing like a frozen account!, but there are several potential red flags from PayPal's perspective. I think that even though this is a really big inconvenience for you, if you think about it from a user protection standpoint you might see why this isn't necessarily a bad thing that they're being so cautious.

    1) Are you registered in the US or Canada, or registered elsewhere? I ask because it means that if you're not registered in either of those two countries, most likely your PP account is not confirmed. This is a big security loophole and lots and lots of fraudulent sellers use this to get around having to provide any sort of real identity verification. They can then just disappear once the buyers have sent them the money--and neither PayPal nor the buyers can do a thing about it.
    2) If I understand correctly, you have recently sold two Hermes bags, but never such high ticket items before? If so, that is a big red flag for PayPal's fraud surveillance group. They are always on the lookout for potentially hijacked selling accounts or PayPal accounts.
    3) I actually don't agree that PayPal is looking out for themselves; I feel that for ONCE they are acting in the best interest of buyers.

    I do find it very odd that they called you to tell you this, though, because if they were able to reach you via the phone number on your PayPal account, it's clearly not been totally hijacked.
    4) You mention that you have 100% feedback, but technically so do lots of crooks on eBay. I am sorry to be so blunt because I am in NO way impugning your honesty or the authenticity of the bags! I am just trying to put it into perspective. 100% feedback means practically nothing (though it is nice to have ;)). There are plenty of truly excellent longtime sellers who sell nothing but authentic, and their FB is not flawless (because you can't please everyone all the time forever--and some people on eBay are just nuts and post negs to get their kicks). Conversely, there are plenty of crooks out there who have 100% because either their buyers didn't know any better or they hijacked someone else's account. Then there's a third category of sellers with relatively few feedback (less than 500)--and a single neg as a buyer might have killed their percentage and would have nothing to do with their selling activity. Feedback is not really an indication of much, is my point here.

    I am sorry you're dealing with this; I do know that anytime eBay or by extension PayPal makes one of their seemingly arbitrary and random rulings it can be incredibly frustrating for honest sellers!! I do hope it all works out promptly.
  6. ^Good Objective explanation. I agree with all you said.

    I have never (knock on wood) had a paypal problem, but when I listed 2 LV bags on ebay in one day they did "limit" my account. So I guess they are watching all areas of ebay and paypal...but the problem is they are watching the wrong people, LOL. They should be going after the bad guys.

    Good luck and hope it gets resolved.
  7. They froze my acct. because I sold a Marc Jacobs bag and they said I did not have a bag to sell?? Does that make sense? I faxed them all the info they wanted and refunded the money to the person because I was not going to ship something that I technically could not get the money for! acct.froze Now they want more info and I called and said that was all they were going to get, they wanted a copy of my latest credit card bill, I do not owe anything so I do not get bills, they did not understand that, I told them to contact Chase!! Yet the people selling fake bags are still doing it and getting away with it!!:yucky::sad::wtf:
  8. Good grief, what a nightmare. I didn't use credit cards for years because I was trying to pay them off. Why do they think that everyone has to buy everything with a credit card? Haven't they hear of checks?