Has anyone else gone through this?

  1. I have gone through many different spending missions with bags. A few years ago all I did was buy, buy, buy!!! Convinced myself that I had to be a collector. I wanted watch my collection grow and grow! So, it did, I could not carry them all and they would just sit. I loved looking at them. Then I wanted to sell. Decided I was only going to have bags that I would use. Some days I miss them all. HOWEVER, I do not miss the constant mission....shopping, getting the newest bag the day it came out, etc...I for sure go in waves with it all...up and down. Last week I shopped like crazy. Now...I will slow done for awhile...
  2. Its a sickness....lol
  3. I think that if you can afford it and it sounds like you can then it is ok. This is a classic bag you will keep forever . I know that most of our families , friends husbands etc... do not understand our need to spend so much on a bag. I do not reveal all of purchases to anyone. People seem to only want to spend money on things they think are appropriate and worth it. My husband for instance will spend 1,500 on a guitar but would never understand this on a bag. So I think some things are best kept to yourself. You are young and do not have major bills at this point in your life. I say go for it now. You might not be able to afford it once you are out on your own and have a family or kids. I wish I would of bought bags in my twenties. I am 36 and just started buying nice bags.
  4. I can kind of understand your parents point of view. We make a pretty good income (my DH and I ) and I wouldn't even buy a bag that cost $2k. If you are living with your parents and 'contributing now and then" and not paying rent while your dad works his a$$ off, I don't think I would do it now. It is just being respectful.
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  6. luxurista, your family made a really interesting comment: "It's only for really wealthy people."

    That fascinates me. I know a lot of girls in their early twenties who spend like crazy on bags, clothes, shoes, dining and entertainment -- I think they see it as something they should be doing: "young, fabulous, and broke," so to speak. I like the quote from Edith Wharton's House of Mirth: "It only seemed natural that Lily should spend all her money on dress and travel." I'm not saying this is right or wrong. Girls in industries like PR or advertising or fashion frequently spend as if they made five times the salary they actually do (starting salaries can be quite low).

    I think it can seem more normal when everyone else around you does this. My mom sees all my friends, and what they wear, etc., and so she never found it odd that I carry Chanel bags.

    I don't spend down my last dime, but I do enjoy luxury goods, like clothes and bags. Unfortunately, it's clothes that really get me, not the bags.
  7. I think you should work on being on your own at 22. Start a savings plan. If you take that $2k that you would spend on the Chanel and invest it, it would be worth a HUGE amount when you retire. The additional amount that you make on your investments between ages 20 and 30 can set you for life. If I had known this myself then, I would have saved more from 20-30. Sadly, I started investing, saving, etc at around 30.
  8. Yep i've gone through this, and I just end up convincing the other people that it's totally worth it and that they should buy one too. hehe.
  9. Thanks but I wasn't asking for advice on how to get out and be on my own and create a financially secure future. I'll just add that I don't understand why people save, save, and save for when they retire!!! For me, I want to enjoy things while I'm young...not when I'm old. I don't want to worry myself over trying to create a retirement fund.I think that I'd enjoy things much more if I had them when I was young. And I never asked anyone for their opinion on wheather or not I should be on my own...so congrats to you for succeeding in hitting a soft spot and making me feel worse than I already do for still living at home that is.......

    And another thing, I never meant to be disrespectful towards my dad. He's in his fifties and he's got money saved...and you know something? I NEVER ask him for anything as I shouldn't because I am at that age where I shouldn't rely on my parents for things (though being on my own is a totally different story that I'm not going to get into here). And he never asked me to pay rent because his parents made him pay when he was younger.

    Mostly everyone here agrees that I should enjoy myself now because later on I will have more responsibilities...and before I never really looked at it that way but it does make sense. it's not like i'd earn a whole lot investing 2k anyways unless if i bought stocks, which is something that i don't even know anything about and would probably just end up loosing my money...

    So thanks for your advice anyways...
  10. Luxurista, honey, don't get upset. In your 20s you get to be wild,crazy and a bit irresponsible, otherwise how else you will get to be all responsible and mature in your 30s KWIM? You want a classic and a timeless bag that will last you a lifetime, i don't see it being that bad of a decision. Chanel always holds its value and should you choose to sell it down the line you will always make your money back and then some.
  11. ^^^Well thank you! I'm thinking that whatever I get back in my tax return can be applied towards my Chanel purcahse, so it's not like what I've saved would completely be depleted. And the last time I bought myself a bag was over a year ago! I usually only by clothes and other things I need. I never splurge like so many others I know. So actually, I'm somewhat responsible with money...not perfect by any means, but I don't spend like crazy. And now I want to be a "bit irresonsible" like you said and spluge on something, lol. Anyways, thanks for understanding!!! :shame:
  12. luxurista--I completely see your point of view. I, too, felt guilty at times for buying a retail designer bag (but, ahhhh--the rush) ... but I learned how to get much more value for my $. I started learning about authenticity so that I could buy "pre-loved" bags on eBay. There is a huge market out there you could take advantage of. I just got a white caviar East West flap for about 600 under retail ... used a few times by the first owner.

    My motto: buy used from rich people. LOL

    The upside of this is that the value depreciates significantly between retail and the second hand sale ... therefore, sometimes if you're in a pinch and need to resell your "pre-loved" bag, you can sometimes at least break even on that purchase.

    Just food for thought.
  13. Encourage your inner consumer to embrace your inner capitalist--and just see what happens!

    (And I'm far, far from the "right" side of the pol spectrum. LOL)
  14. Luxurista - I'm totally in ur shoes right now. I have bought two very expensive bags last yr...and at first i'll admit that i felt a bit guilty about not saving. And my mom made a big deal that I ALREADY have a few designer bags...and why do i need to buy two at the same time. Basically within 2 weeks i spent close to 5 grand on two bags. She told me I dont have the means to spend like this and that i have an addiction to shopping (which i'll admit it completly true!!). Ok so i felt a bit bad for like a month - cuz my bank acct was not having fun at all. But now? I love my bags!!!! The chanel bag i bought is going to be in the sex and the city movie and the Mirage is no longer for sale and i get TONS of compliments on my bag. I like saying - "yea it was limited edition!!!" Plus some of my old LV bags have actually increased in value becuase of the price increase...YAY!

    Right now im contemplating buying another LV and my mom already made her whole speech, but in the end the money is mine to do whatever i chose to. So if you want that Chanel classic i say go for it! A lot of designer bags decrease in value and after the season is gone you cant use it anymore and you cant sell it for much. I feel like Chanel and LV are two brands that dont ever go out of style and will always increase in value. (I kno there are other brands, but those two are the ones i look into).

    -I'm also counting on my tax return, In fact im going to my acct tomorrow to see how much i'm going to get back. If i get over a grand i'm going straight to LV and buying that bag. :yahoo:

    *I would like to add that this forum has turned me into a complete monster when it comes to buying expensive stuff.

  15. Thank you for your advice. I have looked into buying a pre-loved bag but when it comes down to it.....I really want to get a new one that I can just call my own...if that makes any sense. I want to go to the boutique or dept store, fall in love with one and then have it. And not to mention the horror stories I've heard about buying from sellers who aren't authorized dealers (though not to doubt that ALL sellers are like this as I know that there are plenty out there that offer authentic designer bags). I don't know...I guess to me I feel like I should just "go for it"...do you know what I mean? I hope that doesn't make me sound shallow because I'm really not.