Has anyone else ever vacilated between two sizes? Like 32 vs 28 kelly?

  1. I dont have a kelly bag yet. I seem to vacilate, inexplicably, between the 32 and 28 (I am only interested in a retourne in togo or clemence). I was dead set on a 28 and then this week got somehow turned around. Now I think I would prefer the 32. Whats wrong with me? Why do I keep changing my mind?

    This week my husband saw me holding both sizes in the store and declared that I was too tall for the 28 which he said looks like I am holding a lunchbox. I have to admit, he is right.

    I am really not that tall - 5'7" in flats. But in heels, I have stature :smile:

    I have 35 cm birkin bags, and thats the only birkin size that works for me. The 30 cm looks silly on me, and I find the shape of the 40 doesnt appeal to me.

    Have any of you been through this dilemma (Rose, I thought I read that you considered both sizes for a long time before deciding to go with 32). What finally made you reach a "conclusive" conclusion? If any of you has a strong opinion about the issue of size, particularly on a person my size, your views are as always welcomed and appreciated.

    I suppose the good news is, if I stick with my conclusion to go with a 32, I may actually get one in this century - 28s seem really hard to find, particularly in black.
  2. I am about your height and I was looking at the 32 also. I knew the 28 would be too small for me. (I am a broad woman.) I went into H and fell for the 35 souple. It was never even on my radar. I learned that with Kellys it is always best for me to actually look at the bag on me.

    Wow after re-reading my post . . . I realize that I am actually no help here. Just go with your instinct
  3. I recommend a 32cm retourne Kelly.
  4. If you are focused on one in retourne, I would say to go for the 32cm. The 28cm may look a little dainty on. I'm 5'3" and DH thinks the 28cm retourne can be a bit small on me.

    If you were going to go for one in sellier, I'd say it'd depend, but for retourne, I think you'd be happier with a 32cm, especially if you find that the 30cm Birkin looks silly on you. Function-wise, I don't find a huge difference between the 28cm and the 32cm Kelly. The 32cm is obviously bigger but not in a way that it can fit a ton more than the 32cm. The 35cm could be another possibility; I always loved how great Grace Kelly looked with her 35s.
  5. I'm 5'8" and going for the 32cm. In shoes I'll be standing at 5'10" - 5'11". I do have a 25cm bag - LV speedy. I got it when I was slimmer :p. The size looks cute and it makes me look more dainty but I think I need something bigger now.
  6. I know you will be happy with a 32 retourne. It is a wonderful size and really is beautiful to the eye!
  7. I am about your height, only carry 35 in Birkins, and have both a 28 and 32 Kelly. The 28 is definitely dainty and I only use it as a "dress" bag. The 32 is fine; I wish it were retourne though. I think, practically, that the 32 is a better fit for me.
  8. I am 5'6"...5'9" or so in heels...and also "broad"...

    Birkin in 35...Kelly in 35 or 28...actually love the 28...seems funky/interesting to me...Kelly in retourne only...
  9. I would say go for the 32 or even the35 !!! I think a 28 will be too small for you unless you are getting it in croc!?!? I am five foot one and I love my Kelly in a 32!!! I think proportitly the larger kelly will suit you better, good luck!!!
  10. I am 5'3 3/4" and the 28s I have look "precious" (tiny) on me. I am not very comfortable carrying them feeling quite huge with them. It is a tight squeeze for me to fit my daily essentials. I am on the hunt for a 32 in retourne. LOVE retourne's casual vibe.
  11. My vote is for 32cm as well. I am the same height and can't imagine carrying anything less than 32cm.:yes:
  12. my vote is for 32cm if for everyday & 28cm for evenings - i'm 5 feet 6 & tried both sizes - 32cm is just nice size.
  13. jedimaster, I'm about 5'5" and wear the 28, 32 & the 35 Kellys.

    You say you really like the 35 Birkin? Then try either the 32 or 35 Kellys.....both if, you possibly can.

    You'll find the 35 Kelly is, of course, the same width, it's just not as deep, front to back as the 35 Birkin. Thus, it's not as bulky.

    But, don't dismiss the 28 entirely as it could serve as a beautiful dinner/evening bag.:yes:
  14. 32cm! I think you will love that size!
  15. I personally prefer 28 to 32 on me, but I am shorter than you and I don't carry a lot. I never seem to have enough things to fill a 32 and I prefer my bag to be lightweight. Kelly 28s are my everyday bag. I have a couple of 32 that I don't use as often.
    From what you said I think you would probably be happier with a 32. Also it seems they are easier to find.