Has anyone else ever ordered new Speedy handles?

  1. How long has it taken for you? I took my bag in on August 14th, still waiting . . . is this normal?
  2. I never got speedy handles replaced. The service normally take 4-6 weeks..but can also get up to 10 weeks. I think sometime in Sept,the workshop closed for 2 weeks. You should give your SA a call for update.
  3. I did after 6 weeks, they told me the US was all out of speedy handles and that they were going to have to send it to France. I couldn't understand how they could be all out when they make speedies here in the US too.

    I miss my Speedy!

  4. I bet you are missing your speedy..

    It doesn't make sense at all!!! I agree with you, it doesn't make any sense at all..
  5. I sent mine to have all the leather replaced in Dec and didn't get it back till May! I am not sure where it was sent to be repaired but it was quite a long time. Most people don't get the bag on the estimated time. Hang in there girl...she'll be back soon.
  6. You know what's really silly? I'm actually sitting here thinking about getting another one to tide me over (maybe a 30 instead of the 25)- Isn't that terrible how attached we get?
  7. Uh-oh...better be careful. Once you start using a 30, the 25 might not see the light of day!
  8. That's exactly what I was worried about - course I have a daughter who might love the 25! (my other daughter has one)

  9. Wow, that is so long to wait.
  10. how old is your speedy? just wondering how long the handles are suppose to last before being replaced...
  11. It depends on the way you used it and if you think the handles are getting too brown you can do that too,but depends on your taste
  12. December to May is a long time! Wow...
    I feel for you on missing your Speedy, I know that I would miss mine!
  13. I bought my speedy in February of 2006 - so it's only about 8 months old. Unfortunately, I go to the tanning bed a lot and I was picking it up to walk out of the room and then going to wash my hands and it tanned the handles - ICK!
  14. Just curious...how much is it to replace the handles? It is good to know they do that (I'm so nuts I rarely touch them...just slide my arm through and carry her that way!)
  15. They quoted me $145.00 for the handles, chads (where the handles attach) and tabs.