Has anyone else been told this?


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Aug 5, 2008
So last week, as the SA was ringing me up, I asked him to make sure that the purchase was noted on my profile (I never did this before, but now that I'm consistently getting PCEs, I'd like to know that my purchases are being noted :biggrin:). He said, "Thank you for checking up with that. They recently changed the system and the customer's profile pops up at the end of the transaction." Then he swipes my card and checks my ID and says I'm all set and the purchase was noted on my account.

Usually, the receipt has my name on it, but maybe because of the new system, it didn't? Or is it that he had no clue, rang it up before pulling my profile and then told me that to save himself? All the SAs before him that have rung me up have asked for my name ahead of time and verified my identity.:shrugs:


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Jun 13, 2007
You are not alone!
I was also told this.
The system has also changed where I am.
The SA was following new protocol.