Has Anyone Dyed Their BV??

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  1. I have a red Ball Bag from a few seasons back. It has an orange undertone and I want to dye it a true red. Can anyone recommend a reputable business that is fantastic in dying leather bags? Thanks!:flowers:
  2. I sent my bag to Bv store when it had a little stain on. They said theu can't get it out but can redye for $100. It'll make leather stiffer, I was warned. So I didn't do it b/c it was just little stain.
  3. I had my wallet re-dye after a hand sanitizer leaked and damage the color. Sent it to a BV store and also charged $100 to do the job. Honestly, I don't like the re-dye job coz the color of the wallet is not the same as the original one anymore. Becareful when dying ur bv, it may the leather appearance (slightly wrinkled in my case).
  4. Better not, envyme, cos the feel will never be the same again, you might even lose the luxurious feel of the soft leather totally and it might not feel like BV anymore!
  5. The leather gets stiff. Don't do it.
  6. I bought this BV Carmino New Ball at home in Boston 3 mths ago. Earlier this week, something got on it. I took it to professional bag cleaners where I work (Singapore) and they told me that it was likely ink or grease. Frankly I don't know where either would've gotten on my bag but they think it's one of those 2 because of how it absorbed into the leather. it was 6 disparate dots. Now it seems to be spreading further.

    I was told one possibility is to get the ink/oil extracted which will leave it whiter where it's been extracted, and then redyed in those areas. What do you think the chances are of it being returned to its original state with this action? It's all concentrated on the lower part of my bag. But I don't want it to end up looking really obviously different on that part.

    Is sending it back to BV in boston/elsewhere likely to result in an exact color fit in terms of re-dyeing? Or do you think it wouldn't matter where I go as long as it's reputable (this place I called was recommended by BV singapore).
  7. Hi! I'm from Singapore too:smile: Could you tell me where this place is? I have a Tod's that's lightened in some parts where my arm rests on it and I wonder if these people can do anything about it. Sorry to hear about you BV. I've dropped chili crab sauce on my Oceano veneta and it wiped clean with a wet wipe leaving no stains at all. I don't know if it'll work on your new Ball. It's a lovely bag, isn't it? I have it in nero. Why don't you ask BV Singapore if they can do what you propose to do with your bag? They may have to send it to BV Italy for you for that purpose. I know they are able to replace worn or broken strips by having the bags sent back to Italy which will take a few months. Good luck!
  8. Can you post a picture of the "dots?" If it is oil, it would make sense that it is spreading. Have you tried sprinkling talcum powder on a dot to see if it absorbs? One of the gals in the Choo forum tried this. I would be really wary to re-dye.
  9. Hand sanitizer will ruin the leather? Oh my. I better be careful, since I always tote around hand sanitizer (germaphobe here...)
  10. Yes, I had a vintage nappa intrecciato bag dyed back to it's original color by my local leather man. He told me that he could do a good job matching the original color (still visible on the interior), and that it might be a little stiffer to start. Since the handbag was 30+ years old, and the color was way past its prime, I felt that I should do it - otherwise I would never use it with the tired color and stains. The color match was perfect, the hand was a little stiffer at first, but has now softened, and the smell for the first few days was not the intoxicating smell of leather, but now is. Spot redying would probably have looked splotchy, so I would go with a total redye if you are really considering it. I am really pleased, and consider using him again to do this before I sent it off to BV. I am in the US so it wouldn't work well for you. Unless you have a great local leather person, I would hesitate, especially with a new bag, and particularly, if there is really nothing wrong with the handbag other than you prefer a different color. Just my humble opinion...

    With regard to the oil spill, using talc or cornstarch to absorb the excess oil is a good idea! I do treat my bags with a non-silicone spray that resists water and stains, and have been very pleased. I do not carry anything in my handbag that could spill, unless I first put it in a sealable plastic bag. Lipstick goes inside a zippered makeup bag, and pens go inside my Mont Blanc pen carrier. These are relatively small items to carry in the large bags I love! I am very cautious, but not paranoid... afterall, I really want to comfortably wear my bags!
  11. Thanks for the advice you guys - I wrote Bryan, and now realize why you all sing his praises :smile: He wrote back so fast.

    "Honestly, this is a toughy. I agree with everything you had stated, it being either ink/grease... these 2 are the toughest, most impossible, stains to removed.

    If you were to take it back to the BV shop, they would send it out and do exactly what you said, extract the ink and re-dye it, but it won't be perfect.

    Or, you can take it to reputable leather shop and have them do the same.

    Either way, it's basically where you think they will do a better job. To be honest with you, for BV, once the ink/grease has saturated through our leather, it's going to be very difficult. Also, it is very hard to re-dye bags that are seasonal colors because we no longer carry that dye."

    So I think I better do something fast - the 6 dots were separate a few days ago, but now they've all kinda morphed into each other. It's absorbing more as the days go on. I guess since neither BV nor the reputable store can guarantee it will look the same, I'll go with the reputable store here bc I can get it acted on fast, before more absorption takes place!

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    Thanks jburgh, I have talcum powder on it right now after your suggestion! I might have prevented the morphing of the dots if I'd done it earlier. Will take my chances with the reputable store/s.

    88 keys : The ones I've been recommended are Color wash which has a few locations. The one I know is at China Square. BV Singapore told me to go there. No is 63274778. The other place I've heard of is Le Shine at Far East Plaza, no is 67355266. I went to Le Shine and they were ready to try it, but I was too scared till I'd gotten more information.

    Baggiana : I guess I will go with a total redye if the spot-dyeing doesn't match v well at all. May come back to you for the name of yr local leather guy since I'm back home on the East Coast in a mth. :smile:

    No one can promise an exact fit. Will post pix of the aftermath!
  13. ninaev: Gosh, it looks bad.. hopefully Colour Wash/Le Shine can do something about it! I have a New Ball in Cariminio too and my heart will literally bleed if nothing can be done.

    Good luck!

  14. Oh I'm sorry, ninaev, that pic made me "gasp"... Hope you find a good solution and I'll be sending you positive thoughts!!

    jburgh, thanks for the talcum powder method, I'll keep it in mind!
  15. I had a veneta dyed and the leather was definitely stiff. I wouldn't do it again. But there is a place I've used (originally recomended by BV in Beverly Hills), and they do an amazing job of cleaning my BV bags and Prada bags. They got a red stain off of a cream colored Prada bag and the feel of the leather was unchanged. The name is Arturo's, and they are on Little Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills. Hope this helps.