Has anyone Dyed their Balenciaga Bag?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I have a white Balenciaga bag pictured below. I love the style of it but I have 2 small kids and white is very very bad with kids. i am wondering if anyone has ever tried dying their bag to a different colour? Can this be done or am I just dreaming ? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396148880.181511.jpg

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    I've made dyed one of my bag and i'm happy with the result. My bag was light blue and I found the color too light so I decided to dye it. There are a lot of DIY on the internet (you tube…) but I finally made up my mind to bring my bag at a leather professional. I've paid about 69$.
    I'm looking for some pics or links in the purse forum


    and now some pics of my former light blue bag which has become a dark bag.

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  3. Get it done professionally. I dyed mine myself and it turned out baaaaad! The dye stained my shirt even after I treated it with this thing that was supposed to make the dye stay. I used it once and now it just sits in my closet.
    I used an alcohol dye so it would penetrate the leather and not have that shiny coating and it turned out uneven too. It's gonna cost more to have someone else do it but it'll be worth it.
  4. There must be an older thread, where Barbara of lovin' my bag warned to dye white Bals!
    These bags are finished in a way that makes it almost impossible for the dye to penetrate the leather!
    The results are not good! The dye covers the leather like plastic !!
    I'd sell the bag and get one in an other colour!
    Any other colour can be dyed.

  5. Thanks for your info. I may try to do just that !
  6. Hi ladies, I have a red leather balenciaga.. but I wanted to dye it to black, I dont know if it will work because the red color is not a light color.

    Has anyone done it before and can tell me about it?


  7. I dyed my envelope from violet to black. it turned out good and very even in color but I don't like the shininess of it.

    I found a you tube video on it and she used the fiebings penetrating dye and the terrago shine after the penetrating dye. that's what I did. the fiebings was actually enough but the color was black enough and it sort of hard a bronze look to it. the terrago is definitely a jet black.