Has anyone done phone orders for Macys? HELP

  1. I am desperatly trying to get a Macys who can do a phone order with purses and shoes and open a charge! And ship!

    Has anyone done this?

    If so can you give me the number?

    Is there a 1-800 number for phone orders or something I'm missing?


    Macys is driving us NUTS!
  2. I believe it is 1-800-BUY-MACYS.
  3. o man i know how you feel i was looking for my Ali in black yesterday and was on the phone with the 800 # for like 45 minutes for disconnected, then got hung up on by 2 different macys and one left me on hold for 25 minutes UGHHHH soooo obnoxious! :sad:

    good luck
  4. This is almost EXACTLY what happened to me tonight, only I had to call long distance because the 800# said they could not do the order. I got the runaround, and they had me call like four different places. THEN when I finally found a store in Dallas that could help me, they said you have to come in in person to open a charge, then she had to call me BACK to get my cc info. Then she told me she had to call my bank to get cc authorization (why?), but that she would call back to let me know if the transaction went through and what the total amout is. Well, she never called back. And now my cc is showing something pending for TWICE the amount of the bag that I ordered, so I am a bit concerned. Has anyone else had to order in this weird way? :wtf:
  5. You are not really supposed to do a credit over the phone from the store... I believe that is against the rules (for macys SAs) because there is no way of verifying who the person on the phone is (someone coulda just stolen your wallet and told the info to the SA over the phone, then macys would get sued)

    Oh and I would call back and check to see what is going on with your card as well.. I don't really trust phone orders either cuz it gets busy and SAs get distracted.. Macys sets very high expectations for mere people
  6. So yeah I called the 1800 buy macys and the F&F doesn't apply to phone orders through them...


    Ugh I'm about to give up...

    Does any ones Macys have the Large Carly????
  7. this probably is a big pain for the stores because I've been to three macys and they have all been packed! esp the coach counter. that's prob why you're having such a problem

    hate to say it, but I would give up
  8. I think I mgiht turn to eBay or just buy it off Coach...
  9. check eBay, you could prob easily get it for cheaper than f&F. what is again you're looking for exactly? maybe we can help
  10. A large carly in khaki/gold or saddle

    I got approved for a Macys card sooo I'm hoping I can find a macys that has the large and order via phone.

    Ugh Idk. I want to order it off the website and at least get the 10% off but it says they only have the black in stock.
  11. I was on the phone FOREVER with Macy's the other day. I just wanted to know if they had the Tortoise Keyfob and if they started Friends and Family yet and I swear, it took ages to get a human on the phone. I got hung up on a few times, then the department wouldn't answer the phone, and then FINALLY, somebody was kind enough to actually pick up and talk to me. I'll tell ya, the things I go through for Coach.
  12. know! Ugh I'm going to call them again and try to order the carly with my new card and hopefully at least get the 10% off.
  13. Here's a list of the Macys stores in NY, NJ and CT that have the Large Carly in khaki/Gold

    Call Herald Square, ny 212-695-4400 10 avail.

    statan island, ny 6 avail.

    new jersey 5 avail

    livingston, nj 5 avail.

    conneticut 2 avail.