Has anyone done Nutrisystem?

  1. I'm not sure if this thread is considered "healthy", but you are eating 5 small meals a day(not like your starving yourself!)- okay so my coworker has been on nutri system for about 9 months she has lost 67 pounds, she has included 6 days a week of exercise and plentyof water, but she looks fantastic!- I' m thinking about doing it, (as opposed to doing gastric bypass surgery)(my doc is against gbs)I'm 5 feet 1 inch and my doctor says I need to lose anywhere from 50-70 pounds, and done in moderation doc says she sees no problem with it, what do you guys think? it's like $300.00 a month though
  2. I almost considered doing that or Jenny Craig, but I'm afraid that you'll be fine when it comes to the packaged meals, but what happens when you eat out?
  3. my aunts doing this and i think shes done it for a month and has lost 10 lbs! make sure to exercise though cause thats the real key!
  4. I did it last year for awhile...I HATED the food. Now, I LOVED Jenny Craig food. It was awesome~!! There were a few things on Nutri I liked but there was so few I felt I was eating the same thing over and over. Either one works for sure. I think any diet works if you work it KWIM?? (Thats coming from someone who is ALWAYS on one diet or another ) :rolleyes:
  5. Dh & I were looking into Chefs Diet last week. (They have peking duck!) Its part of the Zone Diet. (Ever since we got back from Paris we've been eating like pigs. We just can't get back into normal eating.)
    I can't eat hamburger or anything made from it. It looks like nutrisystem has several meals made with this. I've heard Jenny Craig is delicious!
    You might easily spend $300 every month on food anyway. Might want to keep a budget to see.
    What about the "band" instead of gastric bypass? I can understand your doctor being against GBP.
  6. For people who've lost weight on either Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem: once you get to your goal weight, how do make the transition from eating the pre-packaged food to eating regular meals? I mean, you can't eat that stuff forever, and the weight won't stay off if you go back to eating the way you were before you started the program. I was just curious if there was some sort of thing where they teach you how to make the switch from eating their food to a lifetime of healthy eating.
    I am surprised that the idea of getting surgery would even come up if you only have to lose 50-70 pounds. I thought they only entertained the idea of surgery for those who are 100+ pounds overweight.
  7. I'm doing Weight Watchers and I've lost 26 pounds in 7 weeks. It's not difficult if you use the "points" system. I eat a lot of the lean cuisine and weight watchers meals.
  8. thanks everyone for the comments, yeah a couple of months ago, I was 100 pounds overweight, but I have lost 32 pounds in the last 4 1/2 months by exercising like mad and bascally eating less, but th weiht is not coming off like it should....I never thought about jeny craig .looking into it right now!
  9. I can't seem to figure out how much jeny craig is, the web site doesn't let me go into it.....about how much is the food?
  10. I looked at their site a bit, and it doesn't give prices. It says that their prices vary by region and type of program. You'll have to contact Jenny Craig to find out more.
  11. I ordered some Nutri System off of eBay to try it. The food is not all that great and it is really low in calories. The pizza is about the size of a slice of bread and didn't taste too great. I think it had 150 calories. Plus Nutra System wants you to add other stuff too like fruits and veggies. So if I have to go to all that trouble and the food isn't that good I'll stick with Weight Watchers. That way I can eat whatever I like and just can't eat too much of it. Lean Cuisines are low in calories and actually taste good, unlike Nutra System.
  12. i would do weight watchers as well

  13. It's expensive. :lol: That's why there are no prices. On average it's going to cost about 70 bucks a week to buy the food. That's not including salads and milk and the small items you need to buy from the market. Or the 30 dollar a month vitamins.
  14. I had a friend who tried Nutrisystem and she said the same thing about the food...she said it was awful and returned the remaining amount she had after being on it only 1 week...
  15. okay ladies, looks like it's weight watchers for me, because I can't see myself eating dog food, I am going to start on wednesday!