Has anyone done a global Habitat for Humanity trip?

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  1. I've kinda decided to apply and do a trip next year (in Brazil). Has anyone ever done a trip with Habitat for Humanity before? I really love the whole idea behind the cause, plus I think it'll be an amazing experience.

    If you have done one... do you do any fundraising to fund your trip? Any ideas FOR fundraising? I was thinking about getting the silicone LiveStrong type bands made and selling them. What do you think?
  2. I did one project in Costa Rica , it was a part of a WestCoast Connection volunteering camp. It was alright , not Habit For Humanity's fault but I feel like people need to do these volunteering camps more to feel like a better person and to have a reality check( exactly like the show on MTv "exiled" )
    But the people who work year-long for Habitat are adorable ! ! ! !
    And I think Brazil is a good country to start.
    And I wouldn't do the livestrong bands thing. Hmm but I don't have any idea for something else to do... Sorry ...