Has anyone decided to pass on the Balenciaga in Plomb?

  1. I've seen this in person and it's gorgeous but for some reason, I'm going back and forth on this one.
  2. I usually go with my gut...if I am being indecisive then I decide no.
  3. I have one and I :heart: it! I think that it is perfect for winter and will also work with may of my summer clothes. I also like to stick with the darker colors since they are easier to maintain. I also think that it is a great alternative to black and I like that it is a true gray without any strange undertones.
  4. Yay for plomb! But there are variations in color and leather, so you might have to look at a few...
  5. I love this color, don't own it yet but hope to soon.
  6. I really wanted to get one but seeing it irl I passed and went with black intead...
  7. I passed. I'm going to BNY next weekend. Maybe when I see a lot of them I might change my mind. I don't want one that looks like a faded black.
  8. As much as I love the color, I passed because I have 2 Anthras that I adore.

    Charcoal silverish gray with blue undertones sounds like subtle version of my Anthra Work, and I really don't need two bags that are *that* similar.
  9. I also passed because I have Anthra and Black already...but the Plomb's I have seen at NM have all been gorgeous!