Has anyone dealt with these folks for vintage bags?

  1. I'd never heard of that website before now. I checked out the website, and it's probably a chance that it might be legit, but I'm always wary and second guessing everything, so I might be a little hesitant about buying from there. Usually when that happens I'll try and call the business. However I didn't find a phone number on their website, so I would be inclined to be a tad bit skeptical. But if I bought anything I'd use a credit card just to protect myself.
  2. They are a legit company. In business since 2005.
  3. iwantthatpurse, I'm just curious to know if you are associated with that company? The prices just seem to be too good to be true, but maybe I'm just not as knowledgeable about vintage bags as I should be.

  4. doesnt make it legit :roflmfao:
  5. Yep they are. I bought from them before and had no problems getting my purchase within a few days.

    You guys must have been buying on e-Bay to be so sceptical. E-Bay now has mostly junk or fakes.

    ..............and I am not affiliated with anyone. I just :heart: vintage bags.
  6. I've run across them before and I'm pretty sure that they are real. Just check into their return policy.

    It isn't just eBay that is full of fakes. MANY websites are full of fakes.
  7. Hey, that's a cool website. Don't know anything about its legitimacy, but I sure enjoyed looking at their wares.
  8. There are several vintage designers on that site that I collect, and the ones I know about are absolutely authentic.

    The prices are fair, but nobody's going to steal anything on there.
  9. i've been buying from them. good service and all. how do you tell apart the legit vintage stores from the non-legits anyway? they seem to specialise in etienne aigner.