Has anyone dealt with the seller before?

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  1. Hiya

    Has anyone bought from the seller designed2impress? Her feedback is excellent but after reading some of the stories on here I can't trust my own judgement! I would say she's genuine and she's really pleasant too but if anyone disagrees pls let me!

    Thank you!
  2. I would totally stay away from this seller, I have seen fakes from her/his store.

  3. Thank you so much! She has a Thomas Wylde Skull bag on at the moment, 2nd hand, and I was going to go for it. Thank you :flowers: thank you!
  4. That Skull bag is fake too.
  5. ^^^ Is it really? Wow I wouldn't have been able to tell (about the skull bag) how can you tell it's fake Louisey?
  6. It helps to have a pic of a real one nearby - then if you look at the bead layout and the shapes of the eyes and "ears" (or whatever those protuberances on the side are), they're quite different. But the nose is the big giveaway. The fakes are being made with little round noses instead of little triangular noses. When they learned their mistake, either the supplier or the seller picked off some beads to make the nose triangular - but now the nose is too big, and the leather looks weird where the studs were removed.
  7. Thanks for that. I knew about the triangle nose but she's got the bag pictured in such a way that you can't really tell - it looks triangle to me. Anyway, I didn't go for it but she's relisted it at the same start price. If anybody comes back to this post can they tell me if there's any authentic tw skulls on ebay at the moment? I don't think so myself but I've never actually seen a one in real life :sad: and that's what makes me so reluctant to pay full price for one just in case it's not what I'm expecting, 'cos that's a lot of money for me!
  8. rental lady...
    Currently there's no authentic TW skull portobello slucher( big skull face) on ebay.
  9. Thanks for that, Kimisin - if you spot the real thing I'd be happy if you'd point it out!