Has anyone dealt with Kooba Customer Service?

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  1. Hi, new to the Kooba forum, I just bought my first Kooba, a black Phoebe. LOVE IT! But instead of the regular strap I am really wanting to attach a chain strap from the Nina. Obviously I don't want to buy a Nina just for the strap, so I emailed customer service to see if they will sell a replacement chain strap. Has anyone (a) done this with the strap or (b) dealt with Kooba customer service for a request before? Do they respond quickly? Thanks for whatever info you can provide.
  2. I myself have never dealt with customer service but I have seen a lot of folks on this Forum complain that Kooba has horrible customer service, hopefully your experience will be better! And congrats on your new Phoebe---what a great bag!!
  3. Customer Service at Kooba has never impressed me. They are either rude or not helpful. However, Alberta Mommy had good luck with them so maybe she can offer some advice on how to deal.