Has anyone cut off a pocket flap?

  1. I have a Pirata Stellina that I would love to remove the pocket flap off of. I like the size but the flaps drive me crazy. Also the pocket itself has a great placement but it gets covered up by the pocket flap (which doesn't have such a great placement).
    I know someone cut off their mesh and said that there were small holes left from the leather piece. How noticeable were those holes. I went back and looked at the picture but could not see any holes. If possible could you take just a close up of the holes?
  2. I don't know about that.:s I think cutting off the pocket flap would look bad, besides it would be hard to remove the velcro, wouldn't it?
  3. yeah i think the flaps make it look better!
  4. Yeah... I'm iffy about this too, only because you're going to have pieces of frabric still visible from where the flap was attached originally. Like, little stray fabric hairs and such that will be a pain to get rid of. I wouldn't do it if I were you~ =/
  5. I wouldn't do it- maybe you could tuck the flap into the pocket and expose the print you want? You could tack the flap to the back of the pocket when it's tucked in. Nylon is tricky to sew, though. Use a really fine sharp needle so you don't make holes or pulls in the fabric and lining. A couple of sewn tacks should keep the flap down.
  6. I wouldn't want to do it to my Stellina. I like how it looks that way. If you don't like opening them, just tuck them in. You might regret it later one. That's just me though.
  7. dont do it O_O
  8. I would not do it either, but if you dead set on it; use a seam ripper to detach the flap as oposed to cutting the flap of
  9. tucking is a cute idea if anything. i wonder what my stellina would look like now that you mention that...
  10. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! don't do it!! keep the flap on, even tho it maybe annoying to YOU, but think how annoying they are to PICKPOCKETS!!! my purses/bags must have zippered closures and most even have a flap!! its a deterent, and pickpockets can still get into bags that are zippered up!! crazy!
  11. Thanks guts. The tucking idea worked perfect. I didn't need to tack it either, it stays by itself. Now I can see my island kitty.

    I cut out the Toki tag on the inside of a fumo braccialetto to see what the holes look like. They are noticeable!!!! If I rub them they get smaller but I can still see them.

    I love the shape and size of the Stellina but I am just not a flapper girl. I put my important things inside the purse and really do not use the front pockets.
  12. how about just turning the stellina around so the back shows instead? it looks pretty cute when u shorten the strap the most it can be shortened and flip it around to the back...that's how i wear it sometimes for variety :smile: ends up looking more like a handbag instead of "messenger style"
  13. OMG Wawahki ... I'm glad you decided to tuck in the flaps instead of cut them off!! I was reading your post and I was all like "OMG NOOOOOO!!!!!!"

    whew!! :biggrin: