Has anyone cropped their jeans?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I've got a pair of Citizens (Kelly style) that are a size too big and consequently I don't wear them as I'm always hoiking them up. I'd love a pair of cropped jeans but don't want to pay $$$ for them. I'm thinking of cropping them to a 24" inseam and having the waistband nipped in a bit.

    Has anyone done this?
  2. sorry i'm not sure if i get you atm when you say cropped. You mean taking the crotch in? or Making them shorter?

    I've done just about everything to a pair of jeans. Made them shorter, tapered them to become straight legged, taken the crotch in.

    I think if you go to a trusted seamstress or alterations store, I'm sure they can do a fine job for you!

    Last week when I felt like i needed a new pair of designer jeans, I decided I might as well take my alexander mcqueen jeans that were probaby 3 sizes too big from about 4 years back and turn them into new style straight leg jeans =)
  3. I meant shortening - like this.....

    I don't want to bugger them up, although they're not being worn and are brand new.

    Dontcha just love altering clothes - it's like having new things!!!!
    jeans.jpg cropjeans.jpg
  4. BTW - are cropped jeans daggy?
  5. I have no idea what "daggy" means...I'm sorry!! :P

    I've never cropped jeans before but I have had them taken in after I lost some weight and they turned out perfect!!
  6. I've been thinkin of making some of my flared jeans into straight legs...following the new trends, but haven't done so yet. I'm still bummed that the arbiters of fashion seem to be insisting that boot cut is out and tappered is back...
  7. I had a couple of pair of jeans hemmed. When I got them back, frankly, I hated them (the seamstress did a lousy job). I had them packed up in the "donation" bag until one day I pulled them out & thought, I should make capris out of these. I did it the cheap way, just a pair of scissors:smile: Then cuffed them up, ala Audrey Hepburn on the beach... sometimes I only flip the cuff up once so the raw edge shows. It's kinda cute..& I kept myself from throwing money down the drain (well, besides the original alteration!)
  8. Have you tried to shrink them yet? Soak them in hot water and dry them in the dryer.

    I have a pair of Kellys but I'm selling mine for cheap so that someone can turn them into crops cause mine have damage on them (I fell on concrete and scraped the knees) =( Kellys are really nice jeans IMO and the fabric is thick & stretchy enough to flatter you =)

    I'm not a fan of cropping cause I'm short and I already take at least 4inches off of my current jeans. It hurts me to see even more cut off lol
  9. i have done it with old or jeans worn lots of times!
    they look good IMO!!:P
  10. A dag is the poo that hangs around a sheeps butt, all caught up in the wool. Honestly.

    I suppose "daggy" is an Aussie slang word for unfashionable. It's also an affectionate word for a person who is a bit dorky.
  11. Absolutely! I have cut them and worn them raw, hemmed them, and even cut them and added trim like the picture. Most often I just take my regular jeans and cuff them up to between my ankle and calf. I am probably bourgeois though!
  12. I've done that to some of my jeans... they look fabulous and i love them.
  13. I've done it the cheap way too. :biggrin: I'm pretty tall (5'10") and my mom bought me some white jeans once, but they were too short, so I just chopped them. I sent them through the wash and the raw edge frayed a bit and looked super cute!
  14. Ooo, that's so cool! I'm only 5'4" and cropped jeans just remind me of how short my legs are :yucky: .
  15. Well, I'm only 5'2" but I still wear 'em... They might make me look like a midget though:biggrin: