Has anyone consign/sold items to coutureusa.com?


Dec 10, 2006

I was wondering if anyone has consign/sold items to coutureusa.com? I did a search and I really find much info about them. The reason I am asking because I would like to consign/sell designer shoes to them. I have contacted Yoogi's and Fashionphile, and they don't accept GZ shoes. Does anyone have any suggestions? TIA.
Jan 28, 2010
I recently sent them 4 items, 3 of them sold and one was sent back to me. They have a more liberal buying policy than Yoogies and Fashionphile, so I was very happy with them. The email exchange was quick and friendly. Some items they buy outright and some they consign.

I sold them
Vintage Gucci handbag
Tiffany Bracelet
Fendi baguette bag

The item that was returned was an older
Dior logo bag!

3/4 aint bad!

Good Luck!