Has anyone compared the large and small Sabrina IRL???

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  1. Just curious if anyone has seen both of these bags IRL and can compare the size differences???

    I know the approx. dimensions of each, but I'm just looking for a RL comparison and what you think about the small size. Based on posted dimensions I found from searcing a previous thread, it almost seems the H/W is smaller than the Coach catalog for the smaller size Sabrina. :wtf: I know sometimes Coach dimensions are off, though. I like the magenta color, but it's only available in the smaller size at this point...just not sure I want that size in a satchel!

    Also, anyone have the strap and handle drop lengths of these bags???

    Thanks guys!!
  2. I saw both of them last night and in my opinion the small is WAY smaller than the large.

    I can't think of any bag to compare them to but I will be getting the large for sure.

    I should have whipped out my camera phone for stealth pics
  3. Thanks Tara...that's what I was afraid of... I think I better order the large!!
  4. What are the dimensions for the sizes? and prices? XD ^^;
  5. Will the large come in Cherry?