Has anyone come across this chanel boy wallet


May 25, 2019
Hi, I saw this from a seller on instagram and I’m keen on purchasing. However due to it being sold on instagram, I can’t get it authenticated here first. Anyways, I tried to do my own research and can’t seem to find many pictures of this wallet online, was wondering if anyone has come across this wallet in the same color and design? The seller says it’s from the 19s collection.
Thanks in advance! 878F5316-4785-4F74-BDC5-1EBF7EA705C7.png 27FCFF3F-EF2E-412B-8156-447EE6B9B521.png B4D2FEB6-7C07-43B3-AE31-EF33A97D682C.png 521F04FA-498E-4C16-A34F-B3D252E09F07.png