Has Anyone come across FAKE Cole Haan Bags on Ebay?

  1. Hi!

    I've just read the thread on a fake Kooba bag and now wonder if there are FAKE Cole Haan bags out there on eBay as well?

    They all looked pretty real to me when I checked them out on eBay. Has anyone been scammed on a Cole Haan bag before?

    I know there are alot of LV, Chanel, Burberry, Coach fakes out there, but what about Rebecca Minkoff, Botkier, Kale, Gryson and Belen Echandia bags?

    Thanks you all for your help!
  2. For a lot of the CH bags on eBay it looks as if their pictures have all been pulled off the Cole Haan web site. I avoid auctions like that. I want to see pictures of the actual bag.

    I've never bought a CH bag on ebay. It seems to me as if the same styles of bags can usually be found much cheaper on other web sites -- including ebags.com, smartbargains.com, and on the Dillard's and Nordstrom's web sites. And then they're always going on sale on the Cole Haan web site (www.colehaan.com).

    If there's a CH bag I like I just keep a watch on the above Web sites because it will usually go on sale somewhere eventually.

    Zappos will also price-match any Cole Haan bag they have in stock that can be found cheaper on another web site (although not ebay). I love ordering from Zappos.
  3. Hi BigpurseSue, thanks for the tip! :tup:
  4. Don't know about Cole Haan, but Gryson? Definately!! Especially Skye, Olivia and Rachael were counterfeited within just a couple months of their debut!
  5. Maybe there are fake Cole Haan bags. I just got the Cole Haan tote bag I won on eBay Philippines, and I strongly believe i've just bought a fake Cole Haan. It's not made of leather, I think it's PVC, and there is nothing to prove that it's an authentic Cole Haan, except for a patch inside the bag that says Cole Haan, Stephanie Fo6. I bought this bag from a seller who uses the name Sunflowerempress. I want to return this bag to her and tell her she's selling fake designer bags, but I'm not sure if she will give me a refund. I feel deceived.
  6. Hi
    If you paid with Paypal you can set up a dispute with the reason that you think it is fake IF the seller doesn't want to refund you. It's worth asking her for a refund first in a polite way.
    You will have to get proof that it is fake like going to the store and asking the shop to write on their letterhead confirming it is not genuine.
    Good luck.
  7. About Rebecca Minkoff, NOPE! There are no RM fakes yet. So you can rest assured. You should have no problems buying her bags on the bay. Just be careful of scammers and lazy sellers, etc. as usual.
  8. hi. thanks for your advice. in the philippines, paypal is not a common form of payment. the most common is gcash or deposit to the seller's bank account. to make it short, the buyer has to pay first before the seller ships the item. i politely told the seller i think the item she sold me is fake, but she said i can rest assured it is authentic because she bought it in nordstrom in california. she said it cost $300 about 3 years ago, but she has sold it thru eBay at an unbelievably low price because she's not using it anymore. after her very patient explanations, i was convinced what she had told me was all true. still i searched the internet for pictures of the stephanie collection of cole haan, and i saw a very similar model, except that the picture i saw is satchel bag. the front of the bag, though, is the same as the one i bought. upon examining the bag for a second time, i saw that the craftsmanship was very good and the rings all had engraved Cole Haan. perhaps i had made a mistake when i doubted the authenticity of the bag. perhaps this bag i got for an incredibly low price is authentic. if it is, then i did the seller injustice. i'm sorry. thanks again.
  9. Even though I haven't come across any fake Cole Haan bags, I have seen near close replicas without the cole haan tags.
  10. i am trying to verify but i think i purchased a cole haan purse that is
    bogus. can't believe it.
    i have 3 others that are great, may have gotten burned the 4th time out.
  11. I've never come across any fake Cole Haan.
  12. I buy Cole Haan and I have seen some fakes on Ebay recently. There is one vendor who has nothing but fakes and they are all listed as 100% authentic, of course. This person has a fairly high rating too, and she sells an enormous amount of "designer" clothing and bags from every designer in the book, so I would guess her buyers don't care about authenticity.

    The fake styles are just random purses that have no name (such as Bailey triple zip satchel). The first thing I noticed as being "off" was the inside tag is almost square, not a neat strip, and the name cole haan is not in script, but more like Coach's or Longchamp's typeface. Also, the zipper pulls are not right, nor is the liner fabric. Basically they don't even really try and look authentic.

    There are also authentic bags for sale on ebay-- mostly bags just out of season. They do not seem to be a better deal than you would find at a department store or at Cole Haan's website at the end of the season when they go to clearance. (About half off retail). They are probably clearance priced bags being sold for a modest premium (just like zappos, ebags, overstock etc. does). Nothing wrong with that tho. I am looking for a specific Cole Haan bag which was sold out before I could order it at Neiman Marcus- now I am looking at ebay and other places to find it. Ill have to pay more than if I had bought it last week at NM, but I like the bag and will if I find it in the right color combination.
  13. i remember reading somewhere 90% of designer bags on ebay are fake