Has anyone checked out the spring bag line from Banana??

  1. I have to say there are some super cute bags and WALLETS! great colors too - i think i'll go check them out IRL this weekend :smile:
  2. any pictures? The ones I have are really soft yet very durable...I was pretty impressed!
  3. No, not yet, but Banana Republic has come out with some great ones. They have nice leather, but unfortunately a bit pricey.
  4. Just looked at them. There are some really nice bags. They have a Marc Jacobsy feel to them.
  5. do u know where to look up on the internet on these bags?
  6. thanks for the link :smile:
    some are very nice
  7. This one reminds me of a Chloe:

    This one reminds me of the Botkier Sasha:

    And this one reminds me of a Goyard!:
  8. [​IMG]

    I like this one a lot.
  9. Thanks for the "heads up." Banana Republic is doing some surprising design these days! They are always changing and keeping current. Very nice! Good price point. Anyone know how they wear?
  10. That's exacly what I said when I clicked on the link... then I came back and read your comment!:roflmfao:
  11. Two of my friends have BR bags and love them to death. They are their go to everyday bags and have held up very well in my opinion. They've both had them for over a year and they look very good.
  12. Around Christmas I bought a very plain brown leather satchel bag from Banana Republic on sale for $100 and I love it. I don't see anything like it in their current ad. The only negative about it is that it will get water spots so I have to watch the weather before using it (and it rains alot here). I will probably use it most in the spring/summer. I think the quality of Banana Republic bags is good.
  13. There is actually a really cute one on there that looks like the miu miu i wanted to get... just 1000 less!! thanks for posting this!

    The botkier lookalike is cute too!