Has anyone changed the heels on their shoes?

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  1. So I found a really cute pair of CL sandals for a good price on eBay but I feel like they would look trendier and get a lot more wear if I could replace the stiletto with a block heel. Minuit Moins 7 has "complete new heel" service for £75 and I'm wondering if anyone here has gotten this service before -- and if you have, did you like the result?
  2. While I’m sure many will bulk at the idea of modifying pieces of art, I mean shoes, you can definitely do it if this is what you want and like.

    A few things to note if you are going to do it:
    1. Keep the same height for the heel such as not to change the pitch.
    2. You will need to have the inner part of the block heel painted red to match the bottoms. Also if the block heel does not exactly match in shape the heel area, there will need to be some cosmetic surgery needed to cover the area with leather and have it also painted red to match.
  3. Actually it is possible to make changes to some of Louboutins heels. I believe they may not have enough different length heels to match all the different height shoes. For example - my boyfriend is an orthopedic surgeon and when I was telling him my Hot Chicks didn't feel quite right he took some measurements of me standing in them. He then recommended that we add a bit of height and since then they have felt 100% more stable and comfortable. I suggest you look very carefully at the shoes before changing the type of heel. You may find that the heel that came on the shoe is actually a bit too low.
    Good Luck
  4. How interesting :smile: Please post photos of the shoes and show us how he changed the heel.